Short Take: The German Films Podcast

SHORT TAKE – THE GERMAN FILMS PODCAST presents: short, interesting and slightly outrageous interviews with German filmmakers, stars and up-and-coming-talents. Our aim is to show you a different side of them - and for you to find out something fun and new about them. And if you like what you hear: Check out more of their work and more episodes of our podcast!

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In our first episode we spoke with DEUTSCHLAND 83 star and musician/composer Jonas Nay.





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Maria Dragus has been acting since a young age, appearing in many internationally acclaimed films since then. And while she was already busy after the lockdown on production ended in Germany, she sat down for our little interview via Zoom.




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Episode 3: Christian Alvart

Christian Alvart talks about his house at the lake, his love for movies and how he doesn't believe in regrets.





©Florian Liedel

Episode 4: Emma Drogunova

Emma Drogunova has no guilty pleasures and no regrets to share with us, but lots to laugh about in this episode.





© Joseph Ohlert

Episode 5: Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras reveals his love for chocolate and German "Schlagermusik", among various other things.




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Jana Burbach is a huge Harry-Potter-Fan and shares an unexpected public service announcement for your well-being in this episode.




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Episode 7: Rafael Parente

When producer, writer and showrunner Rafael Parente isn't busy he loves to spend time gardening - and maybe sometimes even when he is busy...




© Philipp Trauer

Episode 8: Mariko Minoguchi

Director/Writer - and huge FRIENDS-Fan - Mariko Minoguchi reveals the surprising and terrific superpower she would like to have and what her favourite job was so far.




© Christian Schoppe

Episode 9: Edward Berger

Writer and director Edward Berger talks about his next project, his love for ice-cream and points us to a fascinating podcast that has a connetion to Hard Rock Band The Scorpions.



© Sarah Blaßkiewitz

Episode 10: Sarah Blaßkiewitz

2020 got you down? How about a great life motto?! Director Sarah Blaßkiewitz has got you covered - thanks to her friend Toby.




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Episode 11: Hanno Hackfort

Hanno Hackfort is one of Germany's most prolific series writers (4 BLOCKS, YOU ARE WANTED), sometimes as part of a trio which goes by HA RI BO - yes, just like the famous German sweets - and a genuine lover of music.