JUNE 2016

Doris Dörrie likes Madrid and Madrid likes Doris Dörrie. Over 1,000 spectators came to the screenings of FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR (Olga Film, Rolize, Constantin Film Produktion), which opened the Festival of German Films at the capital's Cine Palafox on 7 June 2016. The Q&A with Doris Dörrie after the end of the screening was also particularly well attended. So, it's not any surprise that FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR won the festival's Audience Award, which was presented in cooperation with Filmin. A total of 5,500 admissions at the 18th edition - with two fewer screenings compared to last year - signified another high, despite difficult conditions during the football championships, and a new chapter in the success story for German cinema in Madrid.

The Festival of German Films served as the avant-premiere for the forthcoming theatrical releases for FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR and MISS SIXTY by Sigrid Hörner (Bavaria Pictures, Moneypenny Filmproduktion, Senator Film Produktion): FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR will open in Spain on 8 July 2016, and MISS SIXTY on 5 August 2016. The Spanish distributors Abordar and Vercine therefore made use of the two directors' presence in Madrid for their press campaigns. A Spanish press agent helped to organize a lot of interviews and reports in important Spanish media and raised the profile of contemporary German cinema in the country. El Mundo featured the program in a prominent place, El Pais interviewed LOOK WHO'S BACK director David Wnendt about the subject of Hitler as a social media phenomenon, and Días de Cine, the cinema program airing on Spanish national television, spoke with Doris Dörrie and Sigrid Hörner as well as the actress Lilith Stangenberg, and the directors Wolfgang Becker and Annekatrin Hendel, who presented their films at well-attended screenings in Madrid. 

It always gets lively and cheerful during the schools screenings of the children's film in the program. This year saw 800 young cinema-goers coming to THE PASTA DETECTIVES 2 by Wolfgang Groos (Lieblingsfilm, Fox International Productions), and they made sure that there was a good atmosphere in the cinema. There was also a great atmosphere at the 18th birthday party in the Café Berlin. Klaus Maeck, who was a part of the Goethe-Institut Madrid's popular focus program LA MOVIDA BERLINESA with his documentary B-MOVIE: LUST AND SOUND IN WEST BERLIN 1979-1989 (DEF Media), played music from his film. The dance floor was constantly full, people sang along to the tracks, and Klaus Maeck was only allowed to leave the turntables after he'd run out of new songs.

All of the films at the Festival of German Films in Madrid in 2016...


Hype around Werner Herzog, two prizes, large presence in the competition and a "Focus Germany" with many guests: it was a very good year for German cinema at the latest edition of the Asian market's key event, the Shanghai International Film Festival. Three productions were in the running for the prestigious Golden Goblet Award - HANNA'S SLEEPING DOGS by Andreas Gruber (DE/AT, enigma film), HEAR THE SILENCE by Ed Ehrenberg (Monoloco Films) and SALT AND FIRE by Werner Herzog (DE/US/FR, Construction Filmproduktion) - and Andreas Gruber was awarded the prize for the Best Screenplay. ED SIEGER’S MOLLY MONSTER by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn (DE/CH/SE, Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, TrickStudio Lutterbeck, Senator Film Produktion) picked up the prize for Best Animation Film. The festival's German Focus, which was staged for the 13th year in cooperation with German Films, and the German films screening in other sections were presented by the largest ever delegation attending since the beginning of this collaboration. It included over 30 directors, actors and crew members.

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A total of 42 German films and co-productions were shown in Shanghai, including NICK: OFF DUTY by Christian Alvart (Syrreal Entertainment, Barefoot Films) in the "Jackie Chan Action Movie Week". Werner Herzog, who presented SALT AND FIRE in the Competition together with his lead actress Veronica Ferres, was so besieged by fans wanting autographs and photos before the screening that he had to be accompanied into the cinema by security staff due to the large number of people. Director Ansgar Ahlers of BACH IN BRAZIL (DE/BR, NFP*, Forseesense) and DoP Matthias Märcks representing the Spectrum title YOHJI YAMAMOTO | DRESSMAKER (che*che), were among those reporting back about well-attended cinemas and enthusiastic audiences.

The "Focus Germany" opened with the Silver Lola winner A HEAVY HEART by Thomas Stuber (DEPARTURES Film, deutschfilm) with the director in attendance; and the sidebar's nine titles showed the whole range of contemporary German cinema from comedy through  psychological thriller and drama to historical biopic. Many of the performances were sold out. The audiences were often engaged in extremely lively discussions with the filmmakers Cordula Kabiltz-Post, Gerd Schneider and AKIZ during the Q&As about the historical drama IN LOVE WITH LOU - A PHILOSOPHER'S LIFE, THE CULPABLE, a drama about sexual abuse in the Catholic church, and about the festival hit DER NACHTMAHR.

This year saw German Films collaborating again with the German Consulate General to host a reception at the residence of the consul-general in honor of the German films being presented at the festival. The event attracted around 200 people, including such eminent guests as the photographer Brigitte Lacombe.

All of the German films and co-productions at this year's Shanghai festival…


June is the month of TV festivals. This is when three of the leading events for this field are held in Shanghai, Banff and Monte Carlo. TANNBACH by Alexander Dierbach (Wiedemann & Berg Television, Wilma Film/ZDF) was very successful this year. The three-part series about a fictional village on the border between Bavaria and Thuringia in the first years after the Second World War picked up prizes at two festivals: it received the Rockie Award as Best Drama Series at the Banff World Media Festival and prevailed against such international competition as MR ROBOT from the USA or VIKINGS from Canada, as well as winning the Golden Nymph as Best TV Movie at the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo. Moreover, the acting prize in the category of Drama TV Series at Monte Carlo went to Jonas Nay for DEUTSCHLAND 83.

German productions were prominently represented at all three festivals and reaffirmed the good reputation that television from Germany is enjoying on an international level...


Once upon a time, the German fairytales were popular all over the world – and the anchor point of a tradition for high-quality children’s entertainment from Germany. Currently, German productions for children and young people are also performing outstandingly on an international level – whether through very good takings at the box-office or a disproportionately great presence at festivals. Well-known film stars are regularly being cast in roles, and film production of films for children and young people – whether it's animation or live action – continues to demonstrate a very high level of quality in craftmanship as well as in the dramaturgy. Moreover, production funding programs like "The Special Children’s Film" have contributed to this success.

The important children’s film festivals in Zlin and Toronto have just taken place with a large German presence. Jakob M. Erwa‘s coming-of-age tale CENTER OF MY WORLD (DE/AT, Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion), about two 17-year-old boys who fall in love with one another, received spontaneous applause at its world premiere in the official competition of the Moscow International Film Festival – a brave choice of programming by the festival given the current political climate against homosexuals in Russia. FOG IN AUGUST by Kai Wessel (DE/AT, Collina Filmproduktion, Studiocanal) will have its world premiere at the Giffoni Film Festival, another important film festival for children and young people. Featuring Ivo Pietzcker (JACK) in the lead role, the film gives sensitive treatment to a subject that is still highly controversial: euthanasia practised on children and young people during the Third Reich.  


TIFF Kids International Film Festival, one of the world’s most important children’s film festivals, kicked off in Toronto on 8 April 2016. Six German feature films and co-productions and nine shorts were shown at the offshoot of the Toronto International Film Festival. All of the German films and co-productions at TIFF Kids…

The Zlin Film Festival (27 May – 3 June 2016), another of the key festivals for this segment, showed 33 German films and co-productions this year. THE PASTA DETECTIVES 3 by Neele Leana Vollmar (Lieblingsfilm, Fox International Productions), the finale of the Pasta Detectives trilogy had its international premiere here. All of the German films and co-productions in Zlin…

NELLY’S ADVENTURE by Dominik Wessely (INDI FILM, Bastei Media, Rommel Film) had a rather special world premiere in the city’s largest cinema with seating for around 700 at the Transilvania International Film Festival in Romania’s Cluj-Napoca (27 May – 5 June 2016). The film, which is set in Transilvania, had a fantastic reception from the young audience there, including spontaneous applause, lots of laughter and frenetic cheers when the young actors appeared on the stage. All of the German films and co-productions in Cluj-Napoca...

NELLY’S ADVENTURE will also be shown at the Giffoni Film Festival (15 - 24 July 2016), another of the leading fim festivals for children and young people. The euthanasia drama FOG IN AUGUST by Kai Wessel (DE/AT, Collina Filmproduktion, Studiocanal) will have its world premiere in the Generator +13 - Feature Films Official Competition. All of the German films and co-productions in Giffoni...

The Sächsische Jugend- und Filmdienst is cooperating this year with the Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival (7 - 16 July 2016) again. Five German films will be shown there with German guests in attendance; in addition, there will be a number of accompanying events including a screenwriting workshop. German Films is contributing to the costs of the live voice-over for the  films.

Box-office hits:

Children's and young people's films from Germany are also successful at the international box office as well as appearing at international festivals. Animation films, in particular, are regularly scoring successes in the cinemas: MAYA THE BEE by Alexs Stadermann (DE/AU, Studio 100 Media) has been released theatrically to date in 49 territories and taken around 20 million euros worldwide (excluding Germany/Austria/Switzerland). THE SEVENTH DWARF by Boris Aljinovic and Harald Siepermann (Zipfelmützen Film) took around 12 million euros in 40 territories (excluding Germany/Austria/Switzerland), and HEIDI by Alain Gsponer (DE/CH, Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion) is still at the beginning of its international rollout, but has already taken around 7 million euros in nine countries (excluding Germany/Austria/Switzerland).


The 2016 new invitees from Germany are: 

Cinematographers: Frank Griebe, Judith Kaufmann

Designers: Bernhard Henrich

Directors: Maren Ade, Margarethe von Trotta

Film Editors
: Bettina Böhler

Short Films and Feature Animation: Max Lang, Patrick Vollrath

Click here for the full list and press release.


ORIGINAL BLISS in Karlovy Vary Competition. More...

German films and co-productions in JerusalemTapei and Edinburgh.

German animation in Annecy and at Animafest Zagreb.

German shorts in KrakowVila do CondeHuesca and at Shortfest Palm Springs.


1 July 2016:
13 MINUTES in Turkey (Distr: Fabula Medya, World Sales: Beta Cinema)

21 July 2016:
FADO in Korea (Distr: PoongKyungSori, World Sales: Wide Management)

22 July 2016:
FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR in Taiwan (Distr: Swallow Wings, World Sales: The Match Factory)

29 July 2016: 
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY in Taiwan (Distr: Fanciful Int. Company, World Sales: Picture Tree International)


Genre Cinema from Germany is successful in Italy: The cyber-thriller UNFRIEND by Simon Verhoeven (DE/US, Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion) has reached a box-office of over 550,000 euros and has been seen by 84,000 cinema-goers since its release on 8 June 2016. This temporarily meant 7th place in the Italian cinema top ten.  

by Maria Schrader (DE/FR/AT, X Filme Creative Pool) was released in German cinemas on 2 June 2016 and has posted around 900,000 euros so far.