World Premiere for THE ACCIDENTAL REBEL in Busan

THE ACCIDENTAL REBEL (DE/GB, Neue Impuls Film) by Randa Chahoud will have its world premiere in the Flash Forward competition section at the 24th edition of the Busan International Film Festival (3 - 12 October, 2019). The festival is one of the largest in Asia, more than 200,000 visitors can enthuse about 300 films from all over the world. In total, 20 German films and co-productions are taking part in this year's festival in Busan.

In her debut film, Randa Chahoud, who had already made a name for herself with various series (IJON TICHY'S STAR DIARY and DEUTSCHLAND 89), takes a personal look through her protagonist at one of the greatest conflicts of our time: the young Syrian Karim and his pregnant girlfriend Lilly are living a carefree student life in Hamburg. When Karim's beloved brother Jassir is abducted to a torture prison in Syria and Karim decides to save Jassir, he plunges Lilly and himself into a vicious circle of violence.

(DE/BE, NiKo Film, Wüste Film) by Ziska Riemann has its international premiere in the World Cinema section. Riemann uses her main character to show the danger when reality and delusion are dangerously interlacing: poetry slammer Mia gets the chance lend her voice to an anime super heroine as a dubbing artist. She comes to discover more and more parallels between herself and this courageous young woman. Mia suddenly also has extraordinary powers and decides to use them to fight against evil in real life as well - because, as in the anime comic, hostile powers are planning to destroy the whole of mankind. Mia finds a soul mate, and her fellow super hero, in her melancholic neighbour Kristof. However, one thing becomes increasingly clear - something is wrong with Mia. While no sacrifice is too great for her in the crazed desire to save the world, her own life gets knocked completely off balance.

REST IN GREECE (DE/GR/AT, Volle Pulle Filmproduktion) by Florian Gottschick will also have its international premiere in the same section. The focus here is on a ménage-à-trois of an unusual kind: writer David and his wife Nina rent a secluded house on a Greek island. While David is hoping for new inspiration for his next novel, Nina is looking for a new spark to her life. David is woken in the first night by some noise. To his surprise, he comes across the Greek woman Margarita, the owner's daughter, in the living room. She thought that the house would be empty at this time of year. The one night David lets her sleep on the couch turns into days that the three then spend together. Until Margarita suddenly disappears...

In addition, the Berlinale winner Angela Schanelec can be seen in the World Cinema section with I WAS AT HOME, BUT... (DE/RS, Nachmittagfilm Angela Schanelec).

All of the German films and co-productions at Busan 2019.....

Contact: Dennis Ruh