Wim Wenders Nominated For Independent Spirit Award

Wim Wenders will participate with his film THE END OF VIOLENCE in the category "Best Director" of the final selection for the Independent Spirit Award which is being presented by the Independent Feature Project/West this year for the 13th time.


The other directors in the running against Wim Wenders for this much desired prize are: Robert Duvall ("The Apostle"), Larry Fessenden ("Habit"), Victor Nunez ("Ulee's Gold") and Paul Schrader ("Touch").


The Award is made in a total of eleven categories (incl. also "Best Feature Film", "Best Screenplay", and "Best Non-American Film") to films which are distinguished by a particularly controversial subject, pronounced stylistic drive and a comparably modest and - where possible - independently financed budget. The condition of participation is a commercial theatrical release in the USA or participation at selected North American festivals.


With over 4,500 members, the Independent Feature Project/West, which was founded to support independently produced films, is one of the most important non-profit organisations in the area of film in the USA.

Susanne Reinker