Today it was the turn of the Venice Days to announce their program after the Settimana della Critica yesterday. And German participation can also be reported here as well: HAPPY LAMENTO by New German Cinema's filmmaking icon Alexander Kluge (Kairos Film) and WHY ARE WE CREATIVE? THE CENTIPEDE’S DILEMMA by Hermann Vaske (Emotional Network Production) will be celebrating their world premieres in the section of Special Events.

In addition, the finalists in the competition for this year's LUX Prize of the European Parliament were announced. STYX by Wolfgang Fischer (DE/AT, Schiwago Film) is one of the three nominated films which will be shown during the Venice Days.

About the films:

His film ARTISTS AT THE TOP OF THE BIG TOP: PERPLEXED won the Golden Lion in Venice in 1968, exactly 50 years ago, and he was honored with the Career Golden Lion in 1982. Alexander Kluge is now returning in 2018 to the Lido with HAPPY LAMENTO and says about his film: "This is an auteur film - like the ones I made in the past. At the same time, the film features the extraordinary young director Khavn De La Cruz from Manila. Taken together, the result is a music film of a special kind."

At heart, HAPPY LAMENTO is about electric light, the circus, the song "Blue Moon" and street wars among children's gangs in North Manila. We see how the "circus" comes to town with the appearance of President Trump at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg. Helge Schneider appears as a human light snake. The dramatist Heiner Müller philosophizes about the moon. We hear a musical requiem for commodities that lie unpurchased on Saturday. We follow the dramatic evacuation of a circus in Russia that tries to save its elephants as it flees from the German tanks in 1941. Peaceful grooming of elephants in the early morning.

Hermann Vaske has been filming the world's most intriguing artists and thinkers for more than 30 years. WHY ARE WE CREATIVE? THE CENTIPEDE’S DILEMMA is a personal journey of discovery through the various facets of creativity: artistic, intellectual, philosophical and scientific.

Vaske confronted a thousand creatives from various creative disciplines and more than 50 Oscar and Nobel Prize winners with the question: "Why are you creative?" A Who's Who of the world's best creatives: David Bowie, Ai Weiwei, Björk, Wim Wenders, Yoko Ono, David Lynch, Damien Hirst, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Quentin Tarantino, Nick Cave, Neo Rauch, Stephen Hawking, the Dalai Lama, Marina Abramovic, Julian Schnabel, John Cleese, Vivienne Westwood, and many others.The answers Vaske received are as diverse and fascinating as his interlocutors and make the film into a pulsating hymn and an appeal to all that fulfills us the most and makes us human.

About the Venice Days:

The Venice Days are an independent section of the Venice International Film Festival (29 August – 8 September, 2018). The programmed feature films are selected by an independent jury nominated by the Italian Association of Filmmakers (ANAC) and the Associazione 100autori. All the films at the Venice Days 2018 here.

Dennis Ruh (Festival Relations)
Birgit Koch (Press & PR)