German Films supports the foreign theatrical campaigns of German films with 71,000 Euros

At its third session of 2013, the "Distribution Support“ allocation committee of German Films decided on 17 July 2013 to provide support for 11 foreign theatrical campaigns of German films. A total of 71,000 Euros was allocated.

The committee decided to support the following films:

3096 in Finland (Dist: Mis Label/Constantin, expected theatrical release: 02.08.2013)

FORGOTTEN (DU HAST ES VERSPROCHEN) in South Korea (Dist: Bakdu-Daegan Films, expected theatrical release: 14.08.2013

WETLANDS (FEUCHTGEBIETE) in Switzerland (Dist: Filmcoopi, expected theatrical release: 28.08.2013)

FREE FALL (FREIER FALL) in Poland (Dist: Tongariro Releasing, expected theatrical release: 06.09.2013)

FAMOUS FIVE (FÜNF FREUNDE) in South Korea (Dist: Company L, expected theatrical release: 05.09.2013)

GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING in the Netherlands (Dist: Contact Film, expected theatrical release: 05.09.2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Norway (Dist: Arthaus, expected theatrical release: 20.09.2013)

OH BOY in Norway (Dist: Fidalgo, expected theatrical release: 16.08.2013)

OH BOY in Hungary (Dist: Cirko Film, expected theatrical release: 01.10.2013)

KNIGHT RUSTY (RITTER ROST) in South Korea (Dist: Apex Entertainment, expected theatrical release: 08.08.2013)

FORGET ME NOT (VERGISS MEIN NICHT) in France (Dist: Dissidenz Films, expected theatrical release: 25.09.2013)

Launched in 2005 by German Films, the „Distribution Support“ programme supports the foreign theatrical campaigns of German films, firstly, with the goal of supporting the international circulation of German films for cultural reasons, and, secondly of improving the market chances of German films. Funding is awarded for additional measures over and above the existing planned release campaigns by the foreign distributors. The support of up to a maximum amount of 50,000 Euros is allocated in the form of a conditionally repayable loan. Funding of up to 10,000 Euros can be awarded as a grant.

The guidelines and the application form for „Distribution Support“ are available to download at:

Contact: Barbie Heusinger