The German OSCAR Nomination

The committee, which was appointed by the German Export-Union to select the German entry for the 70th WINTER SLEEPERS (WINTERSCHLÄFER, Tom Tykwer).


On 10 February 1998, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) will nominate the five films from the submitted national entries to participate in the final selection for the OSCAR competition for the Best Foreign-Language Feature Film. The official OSCAR awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium on 23 March 1998.

The selection process

The selection process for the naming of the national entries in the competition for the Best Foreign-Language Film OSCAR is administered in practically every country by national film institutions.


In Germany, the German Export-Union - as the official professional association for the promotion of the export of German films - is responsible for the preparation and organisation of the German OSCAR nomination.


The selection committee consists of representatives from ten professional associations of the German film industry:

  • Association of German Feature Film Producers,
  • Association of New German Feature Film Producers,
  • Association of German Film Exporters (VDF),
  • Association of Distributors (VdF),
  • German Exhibitors Association (HDF),
  • Association of Technical Facilities for Film and Television (VTFF),
  • Federal Association Camera (BVK),
  • German Directors Guild,
  • Federal German Film Board (FFA).

As the organising institution, the Export-Union (ExU) is not represented in the selection committee.
The members of the selection committee are not appointed for a period of several years, but are proposed each year anew by the individual associations. The ExU checks the proposed jury members for any possible clash of interests regarding the submitted films. Applications are open to every rights-holder of a feature film which meets the conditions set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The application for participation in the national selection process is made by the respective producer. The ExU must ensure before the selection process that the submitted titles meet the formal conditions for participation.

About the selection process:

The selection committee views all of the submitted films together in their full length. After the selection screenings, the committee holds discussions behind closed doors to come to a majority decision. The spokesperson appointed by the jury informs the ExU of the selection committee's decision. The ExU then gives official notification to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and publishes a corresponding news release for the press.


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