Ten German films at 28th International Hong Kong Film Festival

No less than five German films and five German-international co-productions are being shown at the 28th International Hong Kong Film Festival (6-21 April 2004).

The German film LOVE IN THOUGHTS (WAS NUETZT DIE LIEBE IN GEDANKEN) by Achim von Borries will be taking part in the festival's international competition, the FireBird Awards for Young Cinema, which is dedicated to first, second and third works by a director.


Four German films will be screening in the sidebar Global Vision: BERLIN BLUES (HERR LEHMANN) by Leander Haussmann, LEARNING TO LIE (LIEGEN LERNEN) by Hendrik Handloegten, THE STORY OF THE WEEPING CAMEL (DIE GESCHICHTE VOM WEINENDEN KAMEL) by Luigi Falorni and Byambasuren Davaa as well as the co-production FREE RADICALS (BOESE ZELLEN) by Barbara Albert (Austria/Germany/Switzerland). The section entitled Midnight Heat will show DEVOT by Igor Zaritzki.


Moreover, there will be screenings of another two co-productions: WOLFZEIT by Michael Haneke (France/Austria/Germany) and FATHER AND SON (VATER UND SOHN) by Aleksandr Sokurov (Germany/Russia) in the Master Class sidebar.


Meanwhile, the co-production THE MAGIC GLOVES by Martin Rejtman (Argentina/Germany) will be shown in the section for Argentine films - New Argentine Cinema.


In addition, the short IM GARTEN by the directors Ute Aurand and Baerbel Freund will be shown in the festival's Avant-Garde section.


The Hong Kong Film Festival is primarily conceived for the local audience, offering them THE opportunity each year to see international films, which usually don't have a distributor there. The competition for first, second, and third works by a director is complemented by an Asian DV competition and a Humanitarian Award for documentaries and short films. Due to the outbreak of SARS, the festival could only be held in a limited form last year.

Cornelia Klimkeit