Television 'Made in Germany' in New Orleans - Export-Union offers German rights traders a podium at the world's largest TV fair


When NATPE (National Association of Television Programme Executives) is held in New Orleans from 24-27 January, an amalgamation of German producers and rights traders will be attending for the seventh time with a joint stand to do business and make contacts at the world's largest TV fair.


As early as 1994, an amalgamation of independent producers took part in the fair on the initiative of the Export-Union under the name of "German Film + TV". Since then, the joint stand has become a permanent institution - not only for the German participants, but also for the fair's professional visitors - and has proven to be extraordinarily useful for all concerned.


In addition to numerous German fair delegates who use the stand as a meeting place and contact point, there will also be a number of renowned companies with official representation at the stand, including german united distributors, Kid's World, RTV Family Entertainment, RRS Entertainment, TaunusFilm and RheinFilm.


The great economic and cultural-political significance of a regular, long-term participation by German companies at fairs like NATPE has been recognised by numerous institutions involved in German film policy and they have backed the initiative accordingly: the presence at NATPE 2000 is being supported by the Federal State Minister for Culture and Affairs of the Media (BKM), Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and the German Federal Film Board (FFA). The collection societies Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten and Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von Film- und Fernsehrechten as well Kodak AG have also provided considerable financial support for "German Film + TV".


NATPE, which changes its venues at regular intervals - next year's event will be held in Las Vegas after having been for four years in New Orleans - has developed in the 37 years of its existence from an event which was originally conceived more on a national level to one of the largest internationl fairs of its kind. This year, it is likely to set a new growth record with over 18,000 professional visitors, approx. 700 exhibitors and way over 100,000 sqm exhibition space.


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