Special Internet service by the Export-Union: All the German films in Cannes

This year will again see the Export Union of German Cinema providing an overview on its website of all of the German films which can be seen within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival.


As from Friday, 4th May, visitors to Cannes and interested surfers on the Net can either click directly onto the Export-Union's homepage or at the address




to access a collection of data on all the German films which will be shown in the Official Programme and in the film market in the Export-Union's "New German Films" programme. For each title there will be detailed information on the film's storyline, cast and crew, rights-holders as well as the complete screening dates.


Since the Export-Union's Internet services are essentially used by members of the industry from abroad, the Cannes overview has been compiled in English.


The Export-Union will have a presence in Cannes together with FOCUS GERMANY with the new "German Boulevard" stand in the "International Village" of the MIF market area.


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