German Films supports the theatrical releases of German films abroad with 163,500 Euros

The German Films' "Distribution Support“ allocation committee decided in its second sitting for 2013, and the 51st overall, on May 6 2013 to support 22 theatrical releases of German films abroad. In addition, three applications by foreign distributors were subsequently considered and funding was granted to all of the films. In total, funding of 163,500 Euros

The committee decided to support the following films:

BARBARA in Colombia (Distributor: Babilla Cine, theatrical release: 31 May 2013)

SUMMER OUTSIDE (DRAUSSEN IST SOMMER) in France (Distributor: Damned Distribution, theatrical release: 19 Juni 2013)

FREE FALL (FREIER FALL) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (Distributor: Xenix Filmverleih, theatrical release: 18 July 2013)

GOLD in France (Distributor: ID Unlimited (Happiness Distribution), theatrical release: 10 July 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Greece (Distributor: StraDa Films, theatrical release: 23 May 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Canada (incl. Quebec) (Distributor: Films We Like, theatrical release: 21 June 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Portugal (Distributor: Alambique, expected theatrical release:  03 October 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Romania (Distributor: Asociaţia Culturală Macondo, theatrical release: 24 May 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in Spain (Distributor: Surtsey Films, theatrical release: 14 June 2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in the USA (Distributor: Zeitgeist Films, theatrical release: 29 May 2013)

KOKOWÄÄH 2 in Russia (Distributor: A Company Distribution, theatrical release: 13 June 2013)

KOKOWÄÄH 2 in Vietnam (Distributor: Film Studio A Vietnam Company, theatrical release: 14 June 2013)

LORE in Portugal (Distributor: Alambique Lda., theatrical release: 23 June 2013)

MEN DO WHAT THEY CAN (MANN TUT WAS MANN KANN) in the CIS and Baltic states (Distributor: Silver Box/ Russian Report, theatrical release: 4 July 2013)

POLLUTING PARADISE (MÜLL IM GARTEN EDEN) in France (Distributor: Pyramide, theatrical release: 29 May 2013)

POLLUTING PARADISE (MÜLL IM GARTEN EDEN) in Japan (Distributor: Bitters End, expected theatrical release: 24 August 2013)

THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA in the UK and Ireland (Distributor: Luxin, theatrical release: 28 June 2013)

REMEMBRANCE (DIE VERLORENE ZEIT) in New Zealand (Distributor: Arkles Entertainment, theatrical release: 13 June 2013)

MEASURING THE WORLD (DIE VERMESSUNG DER WELT) in Vietnam (Distributor: A Company Distribution, theatrical release: 12 July 2013)

VINCENT WANTS TO SEA (VINCENT WILL MEER) in South Korea (Distributor: Sejong Communications, theatrical release: 30 June 2013)

HOME FOR THE WEEKEND (WAS BLEIBT) in Poland (Distributor: Aurora Films, theatrical release: 21 June 2013)

ESCAPE FROM TIBET (WIE ZWISCHEN HIMMEL UND ERDE) in Taiwan (Distributor: Cineplex, theatrical release: 17 May 2013)


Funding was also allocated by written consent to:

THE GIRL WITH NINE WIGS (HEUTE BIN ICH BLOND) in Taiwan (Distributor: Swallow Wings, theatrical release: 12 July 2013)

LORE in Poland (Distributor: Aurora, theatrical release: 12 July 2013)

RUSSENDISKO in Poland (Distributor: Vivarto, theatrical release: 19 July 2013)

Launched in 2005 by German Films, the „Distribution Support“ programme supports the theatrical release of German films abroad, firstly, with the goal of supporting the international circulation of German films for cultural reasons and, secondly, to improve the market chances of German films abroad. Funding is awarded for additional measures over and above the existing release campaign by foreign distributors. The support of up to a maximum of 50,000 Euros is allocated in the form of a conditionally repayable loan.  Funding of up to 10,000 Euros can also be awarded as a grant. The committee comprises Ira von Gienanth, Thorsten Schaumann and Mariette Rissenbeek.

The guidelines and the application form for "Distribution Support" can be downloaded from :

Contact: Barbie Heusinger