On 10 April, the SHORT TIGER Awards were presented in Baden-Baden and the short filmmakers of the NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER programme will gathering on the Croisette in Cannes in around a month's time. The young filmmakers are in good company: many award-winning directors - from Steven Spielberg through Taika Waititi to Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck - started their careers with short films.

NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER shows the great range of current German short filmmaking. This programme is another opportunity for German Films and the FFA to introduce promising fresh talents to the international industry and audience. 59 films from 11 technical/film/art colleges were submitted. Plus 55 films with running times of up to 5 minutes for Short Tigers made outside of higher education institutions. The three jury members Doris Dörrie (director & author), Daniel Ebner (artistic director of VIS Vienna Shorts Festival) and Dr. Gregory Theile (managing director of the KINOPOLIS Group) decided who will be part of this year's short film programme.

Simone Baumann, Managing Director of German Films: "13 films in 100 minutes, that means variety is guaranteed. In terms of style and content, they present the enormous variety that German short films can offer: they are committed, political, dreamy, keen to experiment, humorous. The young talents deserve the big stage in Cannes!"

The premiere screening of NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER 2019 in the presence of the filmmakers will be held on Sunday, 19 May, 2019 at 20:30 at the Olympia Kino in Cannes. It is open to all those accredited at the Festival de Cannes free of charge.


ARMED LULLABY by Yana Ugrekhelidze (Academy of Media Arts Cologne, animation)
LA BOUTIQUE by Andreas Fischer (Nuremberg Institute of Technology, animation)
FEST by Nikita Diakur (animation, Short Tiger)
SHAPES by Fariba Buchheim (Munich University of Television and Film, documentary)
THE BOY IN THE CHEQUERED SHIRT by Aleksandra Odić (DFFB, fiction)
JUPITER by Benjamin Pfohl (Munich University of Television and Film, fiction)
MASCARPONE by Jonas Riemer (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, animation/fiction)
MILK MEN by Aljoscha Ramon Böhnert, Michelle Burakowski (University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, animation, Short Tiger)
MOONJUMP by Lasse Holdhus (DFFB, fiction)
MYBORDER’S JOYFENCE by Michael Kranz (Munich University of Television and Film, fiction, Short Tiger)
NEST by Sonja Rohleder (animation, Short Tiger)
THE INK DOESN’T DRY by Felix Herrmann (Munich University of Television and Film, fiction)
WHOSE HAND WAS IT? by Minze Tummescheit, Sara Lehn, Arne Hector (cinéma copains, experimental documentary, Short Tiger)

Information about all the films can be found here.

NEXT GENERATION was initiated in 1997 to present young talents from German film schools on an international level. The SHORT TIGER has been awarded by the FFA since 2000. The award ceremony took place in Baden-Baden on 10 April. The joint initiative of NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER by German Films and the FFA has been in existence since 2011. Entries submitted by higher education institutions for the programme may not be any longer than 15 minutes and must have been realised by students of a German film academy in 2018/2019. Films produced outside of higher education institutions were submitted to AG Kurzfilm for the SHORT TIGER. Short films suitable for theatrical release and with a running time of under five minutes were invited to participate for this award.

German Films and the FFA thank the supporters of NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER 2019: Sonopress, pro omnia and Südliche Weinstraße e.V. as well as the cooperation partners AG Kurzfilm, Forum Film and HDF.

Contact: Martin Scheuring