A veritable nailbiter by an Oscar®-nominated director on the Piazza Grande, a sensitive film about life as a space filled with possibilities in the Competition, and a wide range of German productions in a variety of sections. 2019 is another strong year in Locarno. A total of 27 German films and co-productions have been programmed for the 72nd Locarno Festival (7 – 17 August 2019). This was announced at today's press conference.

Patrick Vollrath will cast the Piazza Grande's audience under his spell with his thriller 7500 (augenschein Filmproduktion). The German-Austrian co-production about a plane hijacking will have its world premiere in the impressive open-air cinema with seating for up to 8,000.

Ulrich Köhler and Henner Winckler enter the race for the Golden Leopard in the Concorso Internazionale with their film A VOLUNTARY YEAR (Sutor Kolonko). Jette is on her way to the airport to fly to South America where she will spend a year doing voluntary work in the social sector. Her father Urs wants her to live a self-determined and free life. He doesn't want her to get stuck in the provinces of Western Germany as he did. But Jette is torn between her love for her childhood sweetheart Mario and her father's expectations. She cannot avoid the question of what she herself wants any longer. A film about the impossibility to force one's luck.

The documentary SPACE DOGS (DE/AT, IT WORKS! Medien) by Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter is shown in the Concorso Cineasti del Presente sidebar. The film follows in the footsteps of Laika, a stray Russian dog who was the first living creature to be sent into space. According to one legend, she returned to earth as a ghost and has been roaming the streets of Moscow ever since. Filmed from the perspective of the dogs, SPACE DOGS accompanies the adventures of her descendants: two street dogs in today's Moscow.

BLACK SUN, in which a son returns home after his father’s death, was shot by Arda Çiltepe at the HFBK Hamburg. It will be screened in the Pardi di domani: Concorso internazionale section. Anna Sofie Hartmann's film GIRAFFE (DE/DK, Komplizen Film) about a tunnel to be built to connect Denmark and Germany - people meet and part ways again, will be shown in the Fuori Concorso program.

The Semaine de la Critique will be featuring three documentary films: ANOTHER REALITY (DE/CH, Elemag Pictures, IT'S US Media, 27 Kilometer Entertainment) by Noël Dernesch & Olli Waldhauer, about everyday life in the German metropolis in the parallel society of illegal family clans, LOVEMOBIL by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss, about mobile homes of prostitutes that are part of the landscape in deepest Lower Saxony, as well as MURGHAB by Martin Sauer, Daler Kaziev & Marlen Elders (LMU Munich) about the city of the same name in the hilly regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, which shows the creativity and power of endurance of it's citizens.

Berlinale-winner Angela Schanelec (in the Jury of Concorso internazionale) and film critic Frédéric Jaeger (in the Jury First Feature) represent the German film industry in the juries of the Locarno Festival.

The German production company Komplizen Film has another reason to celebrate in Locarno apart from its 20th anniversary: the producers are being presented with the Premio Raimondo Rezzonico, the Best Independent Producer Award, by the festival this year.

Maren Ade, Janine Jackowski and Jonas Dornbach will receive the award on the Piazza Grande on Thursday, August 8th. A selection of films produced by Komplizen Film will complement the award ceremony. Festival-goers will also be able to take part in an interview with the prize-winners on Friday, August 9th at the Spazio Cinema.

All German films and co-productions in Locarno 2019…

Contact: Dennis Ruh