JULIES SPIRIT (JULIES GEIST) wins the "Remi Grand Award" at the 35th Worldfest Houston

Four German films received awards in a total of five categories at the 35th

Worldfest Houston (5 - 14 April 2002), the third oldest film festival in

North America.

The festivals most prestigious award, the Remi Grand Award for the best

feature film, went to the German film JULIES SPIRIT (JULIES GEIST) by

Bettina Wilhelm. The film about Julia and her friendship with the spirit of

Natascha who was killed in an accident had already been shown at the 37th

Solothurn Film Days and the 2001 edition of the Montreal Film Festival.


The film AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME (SO WEIT DIE FUESSE TRAGEN) by Hardy Martins received platinum in the category Best Action/Adventure

Feature Film. In addition, the cinematographer Pavel Lebeshev was honoured

in the category Best Cinematography. AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME (SO

WEIT DIE FUESSE TRAGEN) explores the limits of human existence in both

psychological and physical terms. The film is based on the novel by Josef

Martin Bauer and describes the dramatic escape of the German soldier Clemens

Forell from a Siberian labour camp.


The Romance Special Jury Award went to Christoph Stark for his film

JULIETTA. This unusual love story is set against the background of Europes

biggest party, Berlins Love Parade. The film about coming of age picks out

the question of guilt and responsibility of its young heroes as a central



Moreover, the German short film LURCH by Boris Hars-Tschachotin was

presented with the Special Jury Award. The film is set in the reptile

department of the Natural History Museum in Berlin. An unemployed man in his

mid-fifties is supposed to save the threatened collection of the pickled

reptiles by topping up the evaporated alcohol. A chance mishap changes his

initial disgust to pleasure as he discovers the high-proof liquids diverse



The Worldfest Houston with its emphasis on independent productions is one of

the biggest film and video festivals in North America. It offers an

attractive programme with a high proportion of innovative student films as

well as video and music productions.