German Films In Rotterdam

A total of fifteen German feature films (including coproductions) and ten shorts will be shown during the 27th Rotterdam International Film Festival.

DER TAG DES MALERS by Werner Nekes; the documentary VERRÜCKT BLEIBEN VERLIEBT BLEIBEN by Elfi Mikesch and the German-French coproduction VON HEUTE AUF MORGEN by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.


In addition, five shorts have been invited: BEWERBUNG, a video production by Harun Farocki; Uli M. Schüppel's IM PLATZ; Matthias Müller's PENSAO GLOBO; TOMORROW'S YESTERDAY by Shahram Varza; as well as VIENNE DEL CIELO by Christian Becker and Tom Schreiber.


The Crucial Machine, a sidebar looking at violence in films, will feature Wim Wenders THE END OF VIOLENCE, the Italian-French-German coproduction BLOOD AND BLACK LACE by Mario Bava and Stephen Dwoskin's PAIN TO..., a French-British-German coproduction.


The sidebar Critics' Choice - where journalists select their favourites - will be presenting Tom Tykwer's WINTERSCHLAEFER which recently was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize in Thessaloniki.


LopLop, a film programme about (animation) art films, presents both new as well as older productions. Among those screening are the shorts RADIO DYNAMICS (1943) by Oskar Fischinger, ADEBAR (1957) by Peter Kubelka, and FILMSTUDIE (1926) and ZWEIGROSCHEN-ZAUBER (1928) by Hans Richter.


The sidebar Exploding Cinema has gathered a number of different works from the field of New Media, including the presentation of the CD-ROM ARTINTACT 4 as well as the performance of the electronic sounds of the music group MOUSE ON MARS.


Between 1 and 5 February, the 15th CineMart will offer filmmakers the opportunity to present selected film projects, including Rosa von Praunheim's DER EINSTEIN DES SEX, LEBEN UND WERK DES DR. M. HIRSCHFELD.

Susanne Reinker