German films in Chicago


Altogether, twelve German films or international coproductions with German partners can be seen between October 6-21 as part of the 35th Chicago International Film Festival, the oldest competitive festival on the North American continent.


The multifaceted film event, which awards golden and silver "Hugos" in several categories, is presenting six German films in the competition sections:


Andreas Dresen's NIGHT SHAPES and the Russian-German coproduction BARAK by Valerij Ogorodnikov will be participating in the feature film competition; the documentary competition will feature MY BEST FIEND by Werner Herzog, the French-German coproduction PUBLIC ENEMY by Jens Meurer and HERR ZWILLING AND FRAU ZUCKERMANN by Volker Koepp; and Veit Helmer was invited with TUVALU to take part in the newcomer competition for first and second films.


The sidebars will feature: PATHS IN THE NIGHT by Andreas Kleinert; AFTER THE TRUTH and SARA AMERIKA by Roland Suso Richter; the Russian-German coproduction MOLOCH by Aleksandr Sokurov; and also the shorts IDÖLLE by Anja Perl and Petra Schröder and HANDLE WITH CARE by Susanne Buddenberg and Lorenz Trees.


The films by Andreas Dresen, Andreas Kleinert and Roland Suso Richter are being officially presented by the festival on the initiative of Studio Babelsberg Independents (SBI) under the motto of "Made in Berlin". SBI is also playing a major role in collaboration with the Export-Union in the presentation of the films and looking after the directors at the festival.


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