German Films at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York

This year will be twentieth time that the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), New York, is showing a programme of films under the motto "Recent Films from Germany". The programme, which is being presented in the museum's cinema from November 1-15, 1998, is being held in cooperation with the German Export-Union and the Goethe-Institut New York.


The MOMA has selected a total of fourteen titles for the programme this year, including seven feature films: The happy-melancholic round AM I BEAUTIFUL? (BIN ICH SCHOeN?) by Doris Doerrie; Nina Grosse's Hoelderlin portrait FIRE RIDER (FEUERREITER); Oliver Storz's DAYBREAK (GEGEN ENDE DER NACHT) which was already shown in competition at Montreal; Janek Rieke's comedy of manners TRIAL BY FIRE (HAERTETEST); the Berlin underdog tale BREAK EVEN (PLUS-MINUS NULL) by the dffb graduate Eoin Moore; CHANGING SKINS (RAUS AUS DER HAUT), Andreas Dresen's story of the kidnapping of a headteacher at the time of the GDR; and Peter Lichtefeld's successful debut TRAINS N' ROSES (ZUGVOEGEL - EINMAL NACH INARI).


Precisely half of the programme consists of documentaries: BARLUSCHKE, the portrait of a former Stasi collaborator by Thomas Heise; BERTOLT BRECHT - LOVE, REVOLUTION AND OTHER DANGERS (BERTOLT BRECHT - LIEBE, REVOLUTION UND ANDERE GEFAeHRLICHE SACHEN) by Jutta Brueckner; Julian Benedikt's Grammy-nominated homage BLUE NOTE; Winfried and Barbara Junge's THIS IS MY LIFE - MARIELUISE, A CHILD FROM GOLZOW (DA HABT IHR MEIN LEBEN - MARIE-LUISE, KIND VON GOLZOW); TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE (DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE) by Joerg-Daniel and Wolfram Hissen about the wrapping of the Reichstag; LIGHTS FROM AFAR (LICHTER AUS DEM HINTERGRUND), Helga Reidemeister's film which was also premiered at the 1998 Berlinale; and LIFE, LOVE & CELLULOID by Juliane Lorenz about a major Fassbinder retrospective in the USA.


A part of this programme will be repeated at the increasingly popular "Berlin & Beyond" festival for German language films, which is being staged for the fourth time by the Goethe-Institut in San Francisco. In addition, some of the films will also be presented at the beginning of 1999 by the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles and the American Film Institute in Washington.