German Film School Students with the Export-Union in Cannes

For the second year running, the Export-Union des Deutschen Films (ExU) is to present a selection of shorts by German film school students under the banner NEXT GENERATION during the Cannes Film Festival.

As with last year, preparations for the project were carried out in close collaboration with the film studies postgraduate course at the University of Hamburg, the dffb in Berlin, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy, the HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg, the HFF Munich and the Academy of Arts and Media in Cologne. An independent jury (Margret Koehler, film critic; Astrid Kuehl, managing director of the Hamburg Short Film Agency; and Heinz Badewitz, director of the Hof Film Days) selected a total of 13 works from the films submitted. The films will be presented on Sunday May 16th as part of the ExU's "Cannes German Programme" in the L'Olympia Cinema.


The aim of the initiative is to offer the up-and-coming generation of filmmakers a platform in Cannes: "We were surprised by the great reaction to our initiative when we presented NEXT GENERATION in Cannes in 1998 for the first time", says Jochem Strate, ExU supervisory board chairman. "The thoroughly positive reactions from the professionals and the media clearly show that there is a great need for and interest in supporting the new generation. We therefore want to make NEXT GENERATION a regular feature in Cannes".


The following films will be shown in NEXT GENERATION: Basta Pasta by Nicolás Hammerschlag and LoveLoveLiebe by Branwen Okpako (dffb Berlin); Masks by Piotr Karwas, Platonische Liebe by Philip Kadelbach and Sind Sie Luigi? by Stephan Brueggethies (Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy); The Goner by Peter Kaboth and handle with care by Susanne Buddenberg and Lorenz Trees (HFF Konrad Wolf); Flying Paul by Svend Stein-Angel and Road To Palermo by Marcel-Kyrill Gardelli (HFF Munich); Emmis Geburtstag by Tongue Baykurt and Zugroulett by Oliver Dommengel (University of Hamburg); and Les deux clefs by Sabine Burg and Superschurken by Vera Lalyko (Academy of Arts and Media in Cologne).

Susanne Reinker