German experimental films at the 45th Regus London Film Festival

The 45th Regus London Film Festival (7.-22.11.2001) is presenting a selection of German experimental films. A special sidebar is featuring the works of former students of the Austrian Peter Kubelka who - as one of the leading avantgarde film artists - held a lectureship in Film and Cooking for many years at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt. A total of 13 new German films and three German-international co-productions are being shown at the festival.


The section of "In Kubelka's Shadow" is showing a total of eight shorts by former students of Peter Kubelka's "Film and Cooking" course at the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste (Staedelschule) in Frankfurt. The films are: GUT EIN TAG MIT VERSCHIEDENEM by Albert Sackl; HWA-SHAN-DISTRICT, TAIPEI by Bernhard Schreiner; IL PALIO, EIN FILM UeBER DIE GEMEINSAME REISE NACH ITALIEN by Georg Wasner; MEINE VEREHRUNG by Guenther Zehetner; METROPOLEN DES LEICHTSINNS by Thomas Draschan and Ulrich Wiesner; MIA ZIA by Nino Pezzella; NO WONDER by Frank Biesendorfer and PALATCA, FRUeHLING 1997 by Gerhard Geiger.


The section of "Personal Perception", which is dedicated to the unconventional, personal viewpoints of three independent filmmakers, is presenting MISCELLANEA I and II, two parts of the essay cycle PHOTOGRAPHY AND BEYOND (PHOTOGRAPHIE UND JENSEITS) by Heinz Emigholz who was recently the subject of a retrospective at the 39th Viennale.


Other German films in the festival's programme are MOSTLY MARTHA (BELLA MARTHA) by Sandra Nettelbeck in the "Cinema Europa" sidebar; Thomas Bartel's short THE DAY SLOWS DOWN AS IT PROGRESSES in the section "Urbania", and the restored version of Fritz Lang's film classic METROPOLIS (1925/26) in the section entitled "Treasures from the archives".


The festival opens with the British-American-German co-production GOSFORD PARK by Robert Altman. Furthermore, there are screenings of another two German-international co-productions: THE CAT'S MEOW by Peter Bogdanovich (Canada/Germany) and NEBEL by Matthias Mueller (Luxemburg/Austria/Germany).