AS GREEN AS IT GETS by Florian Gallenberger (DE/CH, Majestic Filmproduktion, new!move films) will have its world premiere in the International Competition of the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival (16 – 25 June 2018), one of the most important festivals in Asia. This is the third year in a row that a German director has been in the running for the Golden Goblet. In addition, this is the 15th year that a German Focus with 11 titles is being presented at the festival in collaboration with German Films. Seven filmmakers will be in Shanghai to present their films in person.

The director and short film Oscar®-winner Florian Gallenberger is far from being an unknown quantity in Asia ever since JOHN RABE which was set in China and partly shot in Shanghai. His new film AS GREEN AS IT GETS with Elmar Wepper (CHERRY BLOSSOMS – HANAMI) in the lead centres on the gardener Schorsch who toils away, day in day out, in his nursery which is close to bankruptcy. He doesn't like to talk much. He never has. His marriage has long lost all of its magic and, to top it all, his daughter now wants to begin studies at the Art Academy. It's only when he is flying in his rickety Kiebitz biplane above the clouds that Schorsch feels truly free. When the bailiff is about to impound his beloved airplane, Schorsch gets into his Kiebitz, grabs the control stick and just flies away. On a journey into the unknown.

Florian Gallenberger will be in Shanghai to present AS GREEN AS IT GETS in person, as will the six directors whose films are being shown in Focus Germany: the Focus will be opened by 3 DAYS IN QUIBERON (DE/AT/FR, Rohfilm Factory). Emily Atef will present the film in a Gala Screening.

Isa Prahl and Susan Gordanshekan will be attending with their feature film debuts DIFFERENT KINDS OF RAIN (Made in Germany Filmproduktion) and A DYSFUNCTIONAL CAT  (Glory Film), Özgür Yildirim will offer German genre cinema in ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME (Rat Pack Filmproduktion), Hanno Olderdissen family entertainment with ROCK MY HEART (Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion), and Felix Randau will be travelling to Shanghai for ICEMAN (DE/IT/AT, Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion, Lucky Bird Pictures), a story from the Neolitihic perios.

In total, 21 German films and co-productions have been programmed in Shanghai.

All of the German films and co-productions in Shanghai 2018…

More information can be found in the German Films brochure.


Dennis Ruh (Festival Relations)