Five German competition entries at the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in Amsterdam

No less than seven German films and four German-international co-productions will be showing at the 14th IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (22.11. - 2.12.2001), one of the most important international events in the field of documentaries.


Two German films are participating in the festival's "Joris Ivens" Competition for feature-length documentaries: AM RANDE DER ZEIT by Stefan Tolz, which documents the daily life of "harsh male societies" in four remote places in the Caucasus, and BLACK BOX BRD by Andres Veiel. Through the biographies of the alleged RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams and the banker Alfred Herrhausen BLACK BOX BRD offers an insight into the conflict between the RAF and the state power in the Federal Republic of Germany of the 70's and 80's.


Director Andres Veiel is pleased about the participation of his film at the IDFA: "In 1997, we presented the exposé of BLACK BOX BRD at the forum of the IDFA - and four years later, the film is now showing in the competition. In between, there was a long journey full of uncertainty and turbulence, and on several occasions the project was near to being abandoned. So it's even nicer that the film has reached the cinema screen, since reached almost 100,000 admissions in Germany - and is now also being shown in Amsterdam".


The "First Appearance" competition for debut films will also include two productions from the HFF "Konrad Wolf" (Potsdam) competing for the prize of the international critics federation FIPRESCI: the diploma film HEAVEN ON EARTH by Rick Minnich and the German-Indian co-produced short HOWRAH HOWRAH by Till Passow.


The American-Italian-German co-production MATRILINEAL by Caterina Klusemann is featured in the festival's "Silver Wolf" competition for short documentaries.


The sidebar "Reflecting Images", which shows documentaries that have already been successful at other festivals as well as particularly innovative productions, will screen a total of four German films: LALE ANDERSEN (LALE ANDERSEN - DIE STIMME DER LILI MARLEEN) by Irene Langemann; OPEN AIR CONCERT (KONZERT IM FREIEN) by Jürgen Böttcher; MISSING ALLEN by Christian Bauer and SUPER 8 STORIES by Emir Kusturica (Italy/Germany).


Each year, the section entitled "Top 10" shows the ten "favourite films" of an important documentary filmmaker; the films were selected this year by the British woman director Kim Longinotto. The selection includes the film LAND DES SCHWEIGENS UND DER DUNKELHEIT (1970/71) by Werner Herzog, who compiled his own "Top 10" for the festival in 1999.


And, finally, the section of "Visions III" will feature Julia Pontiller's short SILENCE (Austria/Germany).