First Festival of German Films in Tokyo 2005

As part of the year of German-Japanese Cultural Encounters 2005, German Films has joined forces with its partners ASAHI and the Goethe Institute to organize a German film festival in Tokyo for the first time from June 4-12, 2005.

The festival will be ceremonially opened with SOPHIE SCHOLL - THE FINAL DAYS (SOPHIE SCHOLL- DIE LETZTEN TAGE) in the presence of the director Marc Rothemund, the lead actor Alexander Held and the producers Christoph Mueller and Sven Burgemeister.


A total of 25 new German films will be shown in the ASAHI cinema, which is situated in the center of Tokyo (760 seats).


The program consists of three parts:


The first section will present films which could already be seen in Japanese cinemas such as NOWHERE IN AFRICA (NIRGENDWO IN AFRIKA) by Caroline Link, THE TUNNEL (DER TUNNEL) by Roland Suso Richter, MOSTLY MARTHA (BELLA MARTHA) by Sandra Nettelbeck, GOOD BYE, LENIN! by Wolfgang Becker and THE FLYING CLASSROOM (DAS FLIEGENDE KLASSENZIMMER) by Tomy Wigand as well as films which will be released in the cinemas in Japan after the festival like the opening film SOPHIE SCHOLL - THE LAST DAYS by Marc Rothemund, LOVE IN THOUGHTS (WAS NUETZT DIE LIEBE IN GEDANKEN) by Achim von Borries, HEAD-ON (GEGEN DIE WAND) by Fatih Akin and DOWNFALL (DER UNTERGANG) by Oliver Hirschbiegel. Apart from the team of the opening film, Achim von Borries and Bruno Ganz will also travel to Tokyo for this section to present their films in person to the Japanese audiences.


The second program section was put together by the Goethe Institute in Tokyo and presents a cross-section of its programming from the last five years under the banner of HORIZONS (HORIZONTE): CRAZY by Hans-Christian Schmid (2000), TATTOO by Robert Schwentke (2002), HIERANKL by Hans Steinbichler (2003), ADDICTED TO ACTING (DIE SPIELWUETIGEN) by Andres Veiel (2003), SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES by Michael Schorr (2003), FARLAND by Michael Klier (2003) and GHOSTS (GESPENSTER) by Christian Petzold (2005).


The third program section will see German Films presenting nine new German films: GO FOR ZUCKER! - AN UNORTHODOX COMEDY (ALLES AUF ZUCKER) by Dani Levy, ONE DAY IN EUROPE by Hannes Stoehr - in the presence of the director, AGNES AND HIS BROTHERS (AGNES UND SEINE BRUEDER) by Oskar Roehler - in the presence of the main actor Martin Weiss, WILLENBROCK by Andreas Dresen - in the presence of the main actor Axel Prahl, THE NINTH DAY (DER NEUNTE TAG) by Volker Schloendorff, SUMMER STORM (SOMMERSTURM) by Marco Kreuzpainter, KING OF THIEVES (KOENIG DER DIEBE) by Ivan Fila, OFFBEAT (KAMMERFLIMMERN) by Hendrik Hoelzemann - in the presence of the director, and MY BROTHER IS A DOG (MEIN BRUDER IST EIN HUND) by Peter Timm - also in the presence of the director.


The event's partners are: BKM, German Federal Film Board (FFA), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FilmFoerderung Hamburg, Filmstiftung NRW, Filmfoerderung Baden-Wuerttemberg, Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung, Nordmedia. Die Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH as well as the German Embassy in Tokyo.


Further information as well as the screening times can be found on the festival's website at:

Cornelia Klimkeit