German Films allocates € 78,500 funding for theatrical releases of German films abroad

At the first sitting of 2014 and now its 55th sitting, German Films' „Distribution Support“ awards committee agreed to support eight foreign theatrical campaigns of German films with a total of € 78,500.

The committee decided to support the following films:  

HOME FROM HOME – CHRONICLE OF A VISION (DIE ANDERE HEIMAT – CHRONIK EINER SEHNSUCHT) in the Netherlands (Dist: Lumière, theatrical release: 23.01.2014)

BAIKONUR in Romania (Dist: Clorofilm, theatrical release: 11.01.2014)

FREE FALL (FREIER FALL) in Denmark (Dist: Reel Pictures, theatrical release: 09.01.2014)

HANNAH ARENDT in Italy, San Marino and Vatican City (Dist: Ripley’s Film, theatrical release: 23.01.2014)

JESUS LOVES ME (JESUS LIEBT MICH) in Taiwan (Dist: Joint Entertainment, theatrical release: 24.01.2014)

KOKOWÄÄH II in Taiwan (Dist: Swallow Wings, theatrical release: 30.01.2014)

RUN BOY RUN (LAUF JUNGE LAUF) in Poland (Dist: Kino Swiat, theatrical release: 10.01.2014)

A PACT (ZUM GEBURTSTAG) in France (Dist: Jour2Fête, theatrical release: 08.01.2014)

The "Distribution Support" funding programme has existed since 2005 and supports the theatrical release of German films abroad, firstly, with the goal of promoting the international circulation of German films for cultural reasons and, secondly, in order to improve the market chances of German films abroad.

Subsidies are awarded for additional measures over and above the release campaign which had already been planned by the foreign distributors. The support to a maximum of Euros 50,000 is granted in the form of a conditionally repayable loan. Funding of up to Euros 10,000 can also be allocated as a grant.

The guidelines and the application form for "Distribution Support" can be downloaded at here.

Contact: Barbie Heusinger