German Films allocates € 108,000 funding for theatrical releases of German films abroad

In the first sitting of 2013 – and the 50th to date – on yesterday evening (28 February) 2013, the „Distribution Support“ awards committee of German Films decided to fund nine foreign theatrical campaigns of German films. In addition, two applications from foreign distributors had been handled in advance and written consent was made to fund both of them. Thus, a total of € 108,000 was allocated.

The committee decided to support the following films:

3 ZIMMER/KÜCHE/BAD in Switzerland (dist: Cineworx, expected theatrical release: 28.03.2013)

ALMANYA (ALMANYA – WILLKOMMEN IN DEUTSCHLAND) in Greece (dist: Light Box, expected theatrical release: 26.04.2013)

BARBARA in Argentina (dist: Zeta Films, expected theatrical release: 23.04.2013) and in Italy (dist: BIM Distribuzione, expected theatrical release: 14.03.2013)

LORE in Sweden (dist: Njutafilms, expected theatrical release: 8.3.2013)

LUDWIG II. in the Commonwealth of Independent States (dist: Silver Box/Russian Report, expected theatrical release: 4.4.2013)

HANNAH ARENDT in France (dist: Sophie Dulac Distribution, expected theatrical release: 24.04.2013)

PRINCESS LILLIFEE AND THE  LITTLE UNICORN (PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE UND DAS KLEINE EINHORN) in the Netherlands (dist: Moonlight Films, expected theatrical release: 17.04.2013)

MEASURING THE WORLD (DIE VERMESSUNG DER WELT) in the Commonwealth of Independent States (dist: Maywin Films, expected theatrical release: 11.04.2013)

Support was allocated by written consent to:

LORE in France (dist: Haut et Court Distribution, theatrical release: 20.2.2013)

LORE in the United Kingdom and in Ireland (dist: Artificial Eye, theatrical release: 22.2.2013)

The "Distribution Support" funding program has existed since 2005 and supports the theatrical release of German films abroad, firstly, with the aim of promoting the international circulation of German films for cultural reasons, and, secondly, of improving the market chances of German films abroad. Subsidies are awarded for additional measures over and above the release campaign which had already been planned by the foreign distributors. The support to a maximum of Euros 50,000 is granted in the form of a conditionally repayable loan. Funding of up to Euros 10,000 can also be allocated as a grant. The committee consists of Ira von Gienanth, Thorsten Schaumann and Mariette Rissenbeek.

The guidelines and the application form for "Distribution Support" can be downloaded at

Contact: Barbie Heusinger