FIPA D'OR for DIE MARTINS PASSION by Irene Langemann

DIE MARTINS PASSION by the director Irene Langemann was awarded the main prize, Fipa D'Or, in section MUSIQUE ET SPECTACLE at the 17th Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA) in Biarritz.

The documentary is both a vivid and gentle portrait of the Brazilian pianist Joao Carlos Martins, one of the world's greatest interpreters of Bach. After being the victim of an attack at the end of the 70s, which rendered his right hand unusable, he could only play again after several operations, but was then attacked again some years later, which left his hand paralyzed once more. He then concentrated on works for left-handed people and again enthralled his audiences. At the beginning of 2003, fate struck him once more and a nervous condition made his left hand unusable for piano playing.


The 17th Festival posted a record with entries from 79 countries and guests from as many countries. The importance of the market FIPATEL, which made the whole programme available to buyers in digital form for the first time this year, has been constantly growing in recent years.