German Films allocates €134,500 funding for theatrical releases of German films abroad


In the fifth sitting of 2011, the „Distribution Support“ awards committee funded 21 foreign theatrical campaigns of German films with a total of €134,500. The committee decided to support the following films: 

  •  ALMANYA in the Netherlands (Moonlight Film and Finance Company) and in Spain (Golem Distribución)
  • EL BULLI – COOKING IN PROGRESS in France (Zootrope) 
  • CHARLOTTE RAMPLING – THE LOOK in Switzerland (Xenix Filmdistribution) 
  • THREE (DREI) in South Korea (TCAST) and the USA (Strand Releasing)  
  • GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING in the United Kingdom/Ireland (Soda Pictures)   
  • JANE’S JOURNEY in the USA (First Run Features) 
  • KHODORKOVSKY in France (Happiness Distribution) 
  • KINSHASA SYMPHONY in France (Hevadis) 
  • MY WORDS, MY LIES – MY LOVE (LILA, LILA) in South Korea (Boomerang Motion Pictures)    
  • LOLLIPOP MONSTER in Czech Republic (Cinemart) 
  • THE SILENCE (DAS LETZTE SCHWEIGEN) in Denmark (Sunrise Distribution), in Hungary (Mozinet) and in the United Kingdom (Soda Pictures) 
  • THE DAY I WAS NOT BORN (DAS LIED IN MIR) in Norway (AS Fidalgo) 
  • PINA in Argentina (Zeta Films) and Italy (BIM Distribuzione) 
  • DIE SINGENDE STADT in Switzerland (Mira Film) 
  • TASTE THE WASTE in Austria (Poool Filmverleih) 
  • IF NOT US, WHO (WER WENN NICHT WIR) in Hungary (Cirko Film)

The "Distribution Support" funding program has existed since 2005 and supports the theatrical release of German films abroad. Subsidies are awarded for additional measures over and above the release campaign which had already been planned by the foreign distributors. The support to a maximum of Euros 50,000 is granted in the form of a conditionally repayable loan. Funding of up to Euros 10,000 can also be allocated as a grant.

The guidelines and the application form for "Distribution Support" can be downloaded at http://www.german-films.de/distributors-corner/distribution-support/.

For further information, please contact Barbie Heusinger.