Ear Candy: SHORT TAKE – The German Films Podcast launches

The first Podcast by German Films - SHORT TAKE – premiered on June 25th with its very first episode. True to its name the format presents short and entertaining interviews with German actors and actresses as well directors in English, the interview questions are loosely based on the Proust questionnaire. There will be new episodes every three weeks.

The aim of the podcast is to pique the interest and curiosity of the international audience for German content and the creative minds behind it. The intent is to make the interviews a fun, concise experience for listeners and interview partners alike.

The first episode of SHORT TAKE is a “double take” – pardon the pun: DEUTSCHLAND 83-star Jonas Nay was not only our interview partner for the first episode, but together with his musical partner-in-crime David Grabowski he also composed the music for the podcast.

You can listen to the Interview with Jonas Nay here.

To find out more about SHORT TAKE and the upcoming episodes, please find all the information here on the German Films SHORT TAKE Website. You can subscribe to SHORT TAKE wherever you find your podcasts.

For any inquiries you can reach Christine Harrasser and Bernhard Simek directly at podcast@german-films.de.