The Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA) (19 – 24 January, 2016) in Biarritz, one of the most important and largest TV festivals worldwide, opens tomorrow. Television from Germany is regularly featured in its important sections and this year isn't any exception. BRIEF AN MEIN LEBEN by Urs Egger (Bavaria Fernsehproduktion/ZDF) is screening in the Drama Competition, and FRIEDLAND by Frauke Sandig (Deutsche Welle/NDR) in the Documentary Competition.

Based loosely on Miriam Meckel's eponymous book, BRIEF AN MEIN LEBEN is the story of Toni (played by Marie Bäumer) who regards herself with some pride as a global nomad: She is a young, successful professor of oceanography, jetting around the world between her university, international conferences, her partner Maria, and her home town where her completely overwhelmed father is taking care of her dying mother. Toni steadfastly ignores all signs of physical exhaustion - until her pace of life throws her completely off kilter and catapults her into a psychiatric hospital. Used to getting quick results, she demands that her doctor come up with a speedy cure. But her obsession with efficiency isn't getting anywhere very fast... Director Urs Egger, lead actress Marie Bäumer, screenwriter Laila Stieler and producer Anne Oeller will be in Biarritz.

The documentary FRIEDLAND sees the director Frauke Sandig accompanying refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Pakistan during their stay in the Friedland reception camp in Lower Saxony, Germany – and also speaking with Germans who came to Friedland when the camp was first opened after the Second World War. The idyllic place in Lower Saxony has experienced many waves of refugee stories. The film asks the question: how different and how similar are the feelings, experiences and hopes of the people at this place where so many refugee stories have come together? Director Frauke Sandig and DoP Eric Black will present the film in person at the FIPA.

The Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA) is being held for the 29th time this year. A jury will award a FIPA d’Or for the best program in each of the six competitive categories as well as FIPA d'Or awards for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Script and Best Original Score in the Drama and Series categories. The festival's market program, FIPA Industry, will be presenting various industry events on topical issues.

Contact: Konstanze Welz