Créteil: Jury Grand Prix for THE DAYS BETWEEN (IN DEN TAG HINEIN) - SECRET SOCIETY wins Audience Award -

The young director Maria Speth was awarded the main prize of the 23rd Festival International de Films de Femmes in Créteil (Women's Film Festival, 23.03. - 01.04.01) for her first feature film THE DAYS BETWEEN (IN DEN TAG HINEIN). The prize includes a money award of approx. DM 7,500, the costs for a French subtitling and promotional costs for the theatrical release.


The jury of the festival, which is regarded internationally as one of the most important events of its kind, founded its decision on "the precise talent for observation of the director and her actors, the intelligence and sensitivity of the general message and the both beautiful as well as daring visual composition of this first film".


Maria Speth on her award: "during the film's screenings in Créteil, I had the impression that the French audience was very receptive to the film's special narrative form. I hope that the prize will help the film to get a distributor and an appropriate theatrical release in France"


THE DAYS BETWEEN (IN DEN TAG HINEIN), produced by Novemberfilm, Berlin, in collaboration with ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel and HFF "Konrad Wolf", was first shown in January at the Rotterdam Film Festival where it received one of the three renowned "Tiger Awards".


The Audience Award - with a purse of approx. DM 6,000 - went to Imogen Kimmel's film SECRET SOCIETY. The story set in England about a group of women who secretly train as sumo wrestlers received its premiere at the Hof Film Days last October.