Cannes Film Festival '99 - Germany very well represented this year

The Cannes Film Festival has devoted a special place this year to the classic German Autorenfilm as well as to the new generation of German film-makers.

Werner Herzog will be taking part in the Competition - out of competition - with his documentary MY INTIMATE ENEMY (MEIN LIEBSTER FEIND - KLAUS KINSKI).


MY INTIMATE ENEMY - KLAUS KINSKI is a film about the love-hate relationship between the two which always remained baffling to outsiders, about the deep bond of trust between actor and director, and about the murder plans they were simultaneously hatching against one another. (Produced by Werner Herzog Filmproduktion, Munich, in co-production with Café Productions, London, and Zephir-Film, Düsseldorf)


The new team of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs is presenting a film from Germany for the first time in this sidebar's 31- year-old history as part of the official opening event when, traditionally, a French and a non-French film are shown: WEGE IN DIE NACHT by Andreas Kleinert. Hilmar Thate plays the lead in this film which tells in an equally powerful and poetic manner of a forlorn love and a psyche running amuck. (Produced by ö-Film, Berlin, in co-production with ZDF and in association with Studio Babelsberg Independents)


The director about this invitation: "When I think of Cannes, I can picture the notorious festival carry-on, but also the protected area for uncomfortable and strange films - and I am very much looking forward to this Cannes which is hungry for discoveries and rich in tradition!"


Other German participants: in the Competition, the Russian-German co-production MOLOCH by Alexandr Sokurov (German co-producer: zero-film, Berlin) and the Franco-German-Swiss co-production POLA X by Leos Carax (German co-producer: Pandora, Cologne); "Un Certain Regard", the Swiss-German-Austrian co-production BERESINA by Daniel Schmid (German co-producer: Pandora, Frankfurt); "Cinefondation", the competition section for film school students founded in 1998, WAXANDWANE by Axel Koenzen (dffb).

Susanne Reinker