Cannes 2001 - German films in "Quinzaine" and "Cannes Junior"- Austrian-German co-production in "Un Certain Regard"

Germany will also be represented in the sections of "Quinzaine des Reálisateurs" and "Cannes Junior" at the 54th Cannes Film Festival (9 - 20.05.2001)


As the "Quinzaine" (Directors' Fortnight) has already announced before its official press conference on 26th April, the young German director Mirjam Kubescha will present her third film ECCE HOMO in this section. ECCE HOMO, situated between documentary and essay, portrays a number of outsiders who make avantgarde theatre with the internationally renowned director Pippo Delbono. According to the director, the amateur players bring their "experiences marked by the universal problem of human suffering as well those personal ones made through a life on the fringes of society" to plays like "Barboni" ("Tramps").


Mirjam Kubescha was first invited to Cannes in 1998 when she presented her first short "Inside the Boxes" in the film schools competition "Cinéfondation". She produced ECCE HOMO herself with Deyle & Schulz-Deyle Entertainment Munich and the Academy of Television & Film (HFF) in Munich.


A HANDFUL GRASS (EINE HAND VOLL GRAS) by Roland Suso Richter can be seen in the children's film section "Cannes Junior". The film about a little Kurd boy who is mistreated by his uncle in Germany as a drugs dealer, was first seen in competition at the 2000 Montreal Film Festival.


The "Un Certain Regard" section will present the Austrian-German co-production LOVELY RITA. The German co-producer of this film by Jessica Hausner is Philippe Bober, Essential Filmproduktion, Berlin.


The "Semaine de la Critique" has already announced its selection which includes five German films altogether.


As previously reported, the Export-Union and FOCUS GERMANY will be having its new "German Boulevard"stand in the "International Village" of the MIF area. The stand telephone and fax numbers will be:


· Export-Union 0033-4-93 99 87 86 (Tel) und 0033-4-93 99 87 77 (Fax)
· FOCUS GERMANY 0033-4-93 99 87 70 (Tel) und 0033-4-93 99 87 71 (Fax)