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More personnel and additional foreign representatives / Collaboration with regional funds confirmed. 1999 will see an increase in personnel at the Munich headquarters of the Export-Union des Deutschen Films GmbH. In addition, the number of foreign offices will be increased to ten. In a parallel development, the five large economic film funds have confirmed their future collaboration with the Export-Union.


Wide-reaching structural improvements for the promotion of German cinema abroad were decided by the shareholders' assembly of the Export-Union at its meeting in Munich on 11 November, 1998: the four shareholders (Association of German Feature Film Producers, Association of New German Feature Film Producers, Association of German Film Exporters and the German Federal Film Board [FFA]) were in agreement that the Munich HQ of the Export-Union, in an initial step, is to have three new staff members in order to further optimise its handling of the ever growing number of a large range of projects. In addition, another two offices - one in New York and one for Eastern Europe - are to be set up alongside the previous existing foreign representations (in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Tokyo) which are administered jointly by the Export-Union and the FFA.


On 29 October, 1998, the five large economic film funds (Filmboard Berlin- Brandenburg, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, FilmFörderung Hamburg, Filmstiftung NRW and MFG Baden-Württemberg) had also announced in Hof at a sitting of of the Export-Union's Länder advisory committee that they will also make a total DM 385,000 available in 1999 for common projects. Among the events planned are, among other things, the continuation of the German film festivals in Paris and London, the holding of a similar event in Spain and South America and the second edition of "Next Generation", the presentation of shorts by German film students, which was initiated by the Export-Union in Cannes this year.


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