AIMÉE & JAGUAR opens "Recent Films from Germany" in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York

The lead actresses Maria Schrader and Juliane Koehler will be present in person on November 4th when the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) opens its traditional programme "Recent Films from Germany" (04. - 11.11.1999) with AIMÉE & JAGUAR.

A total of thirteen German films will be shown by probably the world's most famous museum in collaboration with the Export-Union des Deutschen Films in the 21st edition of its annual survey of new German films. Many other facets of German film production can be seen apart from Max Faerberboeck's extraordinary love story in the programme which, as usual, has been put together by the film curator Laurence Kardish:

  • Hans-Christian Schmid's successful hacker story 23;
  • LIFE IS THE MAIN THING (HAUPTSACHE LEBEN), Connie Walther's portrait of a woman suffering from cancer who tries to regain control of her life;
  • Tina Ellerkamp and Joerg Heitmann's KILLER.BERLIN.DOC which moves between documentary and fiction;
  • Petra Katharina Wagner's poetic love story OSKAR AND LENI, who lose each other again after they have hardly got to know each other;
  • the documentary OPERA FANATIC by Jan Schmidt-Garre about the stars of Italian opera from the 50's;
  • Irmgard von zur Muehlen's documentary THE PHENOMENON HITLER - ILLUSION AND REALITY (DAS PHAENOMEN HITLER - SCHEIN UND WIRKLICHKEIT) in which film material by Eva Braun of Adolf Hitler is juxtaposed with the image of the Fuehrer in Nazi film propaganda;
  • THE SHOE by Laila Pakalnina and
  • PLACES IN CITIES (PLAETZE IN STAEDTEN) by Angela Schanelec, who were both invited by Gilles Jacob with their films to screen in "Un Certain Regard" in Cannes in 1998;
  • Didi Danquart's JEW-BOY LEVI (VIEHJUD LEVI) which only recently opened in German cinemas;
  • Andreas Kleinert's PATHS IN THE NIGHT (WEGE IN DIE NACHT) which opened the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs this year;
  • and YARA, Yilmaz Arslan's psychological study of a young Turkish woman who loses her identity between Germany and Turkey.

On 9th November - on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 61st anniversary of the so-called "Kristallnacht" -, there will be a screening with the director in attendance of Frank Beyer's Defa classic JACOB THE LIAR (JAKOB DER LUEGNER) whose remake "Jacob the Liar" by Peter Kassovitz has been showing in American cinemas for the last three weeks to great success.


Following the screenings in the MOMA, the programme can also be seen in a different or extended form in Washington, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco; the organisers will be these cities' Goethe Institutes together with the local film institutions (such as the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles) and the Export-Union.

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