24 German films at 25th Göteborg Film Festival

The 25th Göteborg Film Festival (25.1. - 4.2.2002) is continuing its tradition of a large German presence and will be presenting a selection of 24 new German films which for the most part were already successful at other international festivals.


In the main programme the festival-goers will be shown 14 German feature films under the banner of "German Stories", including two winners of the 25th Montréal World Film Festival (23.8.-3.9.2001): THE EXPERIMENT (DAS EXPERIMENT) by Oliver Hirschbiegel received the prize for Best Direction in Montréal; Robert Stadlober was named as Best Lead Actor for ENGEL & JOE by Vanessa Jopp. The other titles are LOVE THE HARD WAY by Peter Sehr, which received a Silver Leopard in Locarno (2.-12.8.2001); BIRTHDAY by Stefan Jäger; HEIDI M. by Michael Klier; ZUTATEN FÜR TRÄUME by Gordian Maugg; MOSTLY MARTHA (3 STERNE) by Sandra Nettelbeck; DEAD MAN (TOTER MANN) by Christian Petzold; SUCK MY DICK by Oskar Roehler; PASSING SUMMER (MEIN LANGSAMES LEBEN) by Angela Schanelec; BERLIN IS IN GERMANY by Hannes Stöhr; 100 PRO by Simon Verhoeven; NEVER MIND THE WALL (WIE FEUER UND FLAMME) by Connie Walther, and DIE SCHEINHEILIGEN von Thomas Kronthaler, which will be accompanied by Andreas Ströhl's short HERBERTS HELLAS (ACHTERNBUSCH).


Another five shorts will be presented under the banner of "German Short Stories": ALLES MIT BESTECK by Franziska Meletzky; ALLES FÜR DEN HUND by Birgit Lehmann; LEBEN NACH FAHRPLAN by Babette Koci; DIE ANDERE by Beryll Schennen, and OLD LOVE by Jan Schütte, which already participated, among other things, in the "Corto Cortissimo" short film competition at the 58th Venice Film Festival (29.8.-8.9.2001).


Four German documentaries can also be seen in Göteborg: STARBUCK by Gert Conradt; MIT IKEA NACH MOSKAU by Michael Chauvistré; DYNAMO KIEW - GOOD OLD BOYS by Alexandra Gramatke and BLACK BOX GERMANY (BLACK BOX BRD) by Andres Veiel, which was recently awarded the European Film Award.


Göteborg is regarded as one of the most renowned festivals in Scandinavia and the most important industry gathering in Sweden. In addition, Göteborg is the largest film festival in Northern Europe and is well-known for its professional organisation, hospitality and family-like atmosphere.