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EDEN by Michael Hofmann wins two prizes in Rotterdam

The 35th Rotterdam International Film Festival came to an end on Sunday, February 5, 2006. The previous evening, the festival's € 7,500 Audience Award (the Tiscali Audience Award) was presented to...


German winners in Chicago and Brussels

Several awards for German films at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival

The 22nd Chicago International Children's Film Festival (27 October - 6 November, 2005) came to an end last...


German productions successful at the 11th Festival Cinéma Tout Ecran in Geneva

In the International Competition, the "Tudor Prize for Best Actress" went to Mairead McKinley in the German film MOLLY’S WAY by Emily Atef.

The „Reflet D’Or“ in the Perspectives section was...


Success for German films at international festivals at the Hamptons and in Ghent

Many prizes for German films at the Hamptons International Film Festival

THE CAVE OF THE YELLOW DOG (DIE HOEHLE DES GELBEN HUNDES) by Byambasuren Davaa received the three most important prizes at...


Several awards for German films in Canada

Last weekend saw the IRIS OF TOMORROW for the best debut being presented to the Russian-German co-production POLUMGLA by Artem Antonov at the closing ceremony of the 1st Festival International de...

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