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SHORT TAKE – THE GERMAN FILMS PODCAST presents: short, interesting and slightly outrageous interviews with German filmmakers, stars and up-and-coming-talents. Our aim is to show you a different side of them - and for you to find out something fun and new about them. And if you like what you hear: Check out more of their work and more episodes of our podcast!

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Episode 27: Alicia von Rittberg

Behold the Queen! After our short break, we are back with a special treat for you: Our newest episode features award-winning actress Alicia von Rittberg. You can currently see her in BECOMING ELIZABETH on Starzplay. Find out what fascinates Alicia about her work, making Jewelry and what THE SIXTH SENSE has to do with her having trouble sleeping.



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Episode 26: Julius Nitschkoff

Talented, energetic and quite wise for his age - in this episode we talk to actor Julius Nitschkoff about philosophy, why he likes to use knives for more than just cooking and what drives him in life. An inspiring interview after which you should not only watch his new film TOUBAB - but finally start doing that thing you've always wanted to do but put off for so long.



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Episode 25: Tua El-Fawwal

Actor Tua El-Fawwal is not only part of the German Films Face to Face campaign and the Black Nights Stars talent programme at the Tallinn Film Festival in 2021 - she landed a real hit with a leading role in the web series DRUCK and won the German Acting Award in 2020. In the interview, she talks about one of her absolute favourite series, her attitude to life and which spot in the world makes her happy, no matter what.




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Episode 24: Dascha Dauenhauer

Film composer Dascha Dauenhauer is a true workaholic who loves her job and yet at the same time knows how to appreciate the little things in life. When her cats let her sleep through the night, the passionate musician likes to spend her time watching good films and series. One of her great strengths is her courage to get involved in new things and to reinvent herself with every new project. This ability is also evident in Dascha's work, such as the original music for BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ or Kornél Mundruczó's EVOLUTION.


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Episode 23: Haley Louise Jones

Until recently actor Haley Louise Jones was best known in Germany for her TV roles – now she is starring in a feature film for the first time: PRECIOUS IVIE is a story about two sisters, friendship and identity – and about all the challenges associated with the life of a young woman with African roots looking for a job in Leipzig. This episode sees her talking about her favourite jobs, how important it is to switch off sometimes and take care of your mental health, and what little things in life bring her joy. She also provides us with some humorous anecdotes and highly recommendable film and book tips - be sure to listen in!


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Episode 22: Peter Thorwarth

In this episode we welcome the man who has caused a worldwide sensation with his new film on one of the most popular streaming platforms: Peter Thorwarth, director of the cult classic BANG BOOM BANG, is back and has landed a genre hit on Netflix with BLOOD RED SKY! Why Peter has trouble with the classic hero concept and what for him makes the magic of working on set, you can find out in this episode. He also talks about the pitfalls you encounter when you turn your hobby into a profession and a special detail that distinguishes BLOOD RED SKY from the typical action horror film.


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Episode 21: Zamarin Wahdat

What did you do until your 30s? Cinematographer and director Zamarin Wahdat won awards at both the Oscars and Sundance Film Festival with LEARNING TO SKATEBOARD IN A WARZONE (IF YOU ARE A GIRL), in which she was involved with her cinematography, and her short film directorial debut BAMBIRAK. If you want to know what drives the talented filmmaker and what projects she is currently working on, you should listen to this SHORT TAKE episode. Oh, and of course, if you want to know what it's like to swim with a baby manatee.


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Episode 20: Burhan Qurbani

Director and screenwriter Burhan Qurbani (BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, WE ARE YOUNG. WE ARE STRONG, SHAHADA) tells stories about some of the most relevant social issues and challenges of today. In the interview we take a little foray through pop culture and discover philosophical aspects in everyday life: from MIAMI VICE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to Umberto Eco, fast food and the benefits of a good friendship.


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Episode 19: Laila Petersen-Jama

In this episode, Face to Face with German Films talent Laila Petersen-Jama is our guest: the creative storyboard artist is guaranteed to set you on fire with her positive energy! Laila always goes with the flow and it paid off great for her: Her work on films and series like KNIGHT RUSTY, THE LITTLE DRAGON COCONUT or CAPTAIN SHARKY has inspired a whole generation of little viewers.




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Episode 18: Maite Woköck

Producer Maite Woköck not only gives the German animation industry a good stir with her work, but is also a participant in the Europe-wide "Producers on the Move" program in 2021. If you don't have a life motto yet, you'll get a great one for free in our new episode - plus you'll also learn more about Maites excitement for flowers, witches and of course cats!



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Episode 17: Jan Martin Scharf

Jan Martin Scharf always wanted to be a writer and director. Lucky for us, because without his writing skills, series like THE RED BAND SOCIETY, BARBARIANS or WILD REPUBLIC would not have made it onto our screens.




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Episode 16: Arne Nolting

Arne Nolting gets through life just fine without a motto! He talks about a special literary hero, black and white films and, of course, ninjas. Listen in if you want to learn more about the screenwriter (BARBARIANS, WILD REPUBLIC, etc.) and his work!




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Episode 15: Uta Briesewitz

You love series like The Wire, True Blood, Hung, Jane the Virgin or Stranger Things? Then you have to get to know Uta Briesewitz: the L.A. based cinematographer and director is credited with these and many other shows and films. Find out more about her love for nature and a certain TV genre...



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Episode 14: Narges Rashidi

"Under the Shadow" star Narges Rashidi can spot good ice cream at a glance - yet wishes she had a very different superhuman ability...find out which!




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Episode 13: Reza Memari

Reza Memari is giving the German animation industry a run for their money. His first film RICHARD THE STORK was an international success and he is currently planning not only his next movie, but an entire storyworld around it – TV series, Games – you name it.




© Andreas Dauerer

Episode 12: Sibel Kekilli

Find out why "Game of Thrones"-actress  and "Winterreise"-star Sibel Kekilli thinks chocolate and "Columbo" are the perfect combination.




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Episode 11: Hanno Hackfort

Hanno Hackfort is one of Germany's most prolific series writers (4 BLOCKS, YOU ARE WANTED), sometimes as part of a trio which goes by HA RI BO - yes, just like the famous German sweets - and a genuine lover of music.




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Episode 10: Sarah Blaßkiewitz

2020 got you down? How about a great life motto?! Director Sarah Blaßkiewitz has got you covered - thanks to her friend Toby.




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Episode 9: Edward Berger

Writer and director Edward Berger talks about his next project, his love for ice-cream and points us to a fascinating podcast that has a connetion to Hard Rock Band The Scorpions.




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Episode 8: Mariko Minoguchi

Director/Writer - and huge FRIENDS-Fan - Mariko Minoguchi reveals the surprising and terrific superpower she would like to have and what her favourite job was so far.




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Episode 7: Rafael Parente

When producer, writer and showrunner Rafael Parente isn't busy he loves to spend time gardening - and maybe sometimes even when he is busy...




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Jana Burbach is a huge Harry-Potter-Fan and shares an unexpected public service announcement for your well-being in this episode.




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Episode 5: Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras reveals his love for chocolate and German "Schlagermusik", among various other things.




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Episode 4: Emma Drogunova

Emma Drogunova has no guilty pleasures and no regrets to share with us, but lots to laugh about in this episode.





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Episode 3: Christian Alvart

Christian Alvart talks about his house at the lake, his love for movies and how he doesn't believe in regrets.





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Maria Dragus has been acting since a young age, appearing in many internationally acclaimed films since then. And while she was already busy after the lockdown on production ended in Germany, she sat down for our little interview via Zoom.




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In our first episode we spoke with DEUTSCHLAND 83 star and musician/composer Jonas Nay.