April 2020
29 April 2020
COVID-19 and German cinema abroad: an update from German Films

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about major changes and shifts in the festival and distribution landscape. German Films’ focus is to be a strong partner for the industry in these challenging times.

It is important to react in a swift and flexible way to the constantly changing conditions and circumstances and to support the filmmakers and world sales companies with all the available resources. A special new site on our website was launched at the end of March collecting all the important industry information about the coronavirus pandemic in various categories connected with the international presentation and exploitation of German films.

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22nd Festival of German Films in Madrid
NOTHING MORE PERFECT (© MÄKSMY Films/Johannes Brugger)

2020 will see a premiere at the Festival de Cine Alemán in Madrid as a result of COVID-19: the Spanish audience will be able to see the German films and series online this year. German Films negotiated a cooperation agreement with FILMIN and will be showing a range of German films online from June 5-11, 2020.

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Since mid-February, German Films has been actively cooperating with the service provider Telescope in the USA to offer a microsite that helps users find all available German film content streaming in the USA, including feature films, documentaries, animated films, short films and series.

Since the launch, the following curated program sections have been highlighted for the interested viewer: PIC OF THE WEEK (weekly changing film recommendations), FACE TO FACE WITH GERMAN FILMS (highlights from the FACE TO FACE talent campaigns), GERMAN OSCAR® SUBMISSIONS, FESTIVAL FAVORITES and FEMALE POWER (focusing on women in the German filmmaking industry). Since April 23rd, 4 films and 2 series by and with actress and director Maria Schrader can be found at FEMALE POWER.

And this is complemented by a special highlight: an exclusive interview with Maria Schrader, which is available on the German Films Social Media channel in USA KINO! Germany NOW! here. With KINO! Chats we now offer video interviews with German filmmakers at regular intervals.

Short film: Short Tiger 2020 winners

Even though special conditions are prevailing this year as a result of COVID-19: the show does go on! At the end of March, the German Federal Film Board (FFA) awarded the SHORT TIGER to the best short films for the cinema for the tenth time as part of the joint short film initiative with German Films.

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Distribution Support Program

German Films' Distribution Support Program supports international distributors for the theatrical release of German films. This kind of support is now more important than ever even though the majority of the world's cinemas are currently closed.

"We see this as being an important sign of solidarity with international distributors to continue supporting them with all the available resources provided by Distribution Support. German cinema is making an impact in Europe and around the world and this is a way to ensure that this will also stay the same in the future," says Irina Ignatiew, a member of the Distribution Support committee.

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German films and co-productions at Saguenay, CPH:DOX, Nijmegen, FICCI, Paris, Montréal, Aubagne, Durham, Nyon, Prague, Linz, Annecy and Hot Docs.


Awards for German films and co-productions at Tampere, Mons, Paris, CPH:DOX, Prague, Durham and Worldfest Houston.


International releases of German films in May 2020 supported by the German Films Distribution Support program. More...