Partner Events & Activities


In cooperation with varying partners, we are also involved with other independent international film festival events around the world. The film programs vary from country to country, presenting a selection of recent feature films, documentaries, shorts, silent movies, and film classics. The festivals promote German films not only to the regular cinema-going public, but also to the international market and media.

Below is a list of the latest festivals and showcases organized in partnership with German Films.



Berlin & Beyond Film Festival celebrates 25 years as the Americas' leading festival of contemporary German cinema exhibition.


Since March 2021, German Films is also supporting the Russian speaking podcast POCALIGARIM.

POCALIGARIM is a podcast about German Cinema, created in Moscow by Russian film journalists Ksenia Reutova, Ira Posrednikova and Maria Buneeva.

The main aim of the podcast is to showcase interesting insights about German Cinema in all its facets to a Russian speaking audience. Specialties are portraits, hot-button topics, history reviews and news about the German film industry today.

The episodes of the podcast are being released on Tuesdays, every other week, on the POCALIGARIM platform.

The podcast is also available on Apple, Spotify, Castbox, Youtube, SoundCloud, Yandex Music and Google. 


Lastest episodes:

December 28: Marlene Dietrich – myth and reality

December 14: Sandra Hüller – a star of TONI ERDMANN and a wonder woman of German cinema

November 30: How Stefan Zweig was discovered again by German film makers and Wes Anderson

November 16: THE THREEPENNY OPERA – Brecht, Pabst and songs

November 10: Women in German and Russian film industry

October 26: Film award “Lola” – the German “Oscar”

October 19: Daniel Brühl – good, bad and his own

September 21: The Germans in James Bond films

September 7: Image of the GDR in contemporary German film

August 24: How the dictatorship begins: films THE EXPERIMENT and THE WAVE

August 10: Series KU’DAMM 56-59-63: Women and the world history

July 27: I’M YOUR MAN – a romcom about love, technology and loneliness in a big city

July 13: Summer movies

June 29: Our favourite films

June 22: Film education in Germany

June 1: Wim Wenders – the director on the road

May 18: RUN LOLA RUN – film that brought Germans back to cinemas

May 11: Maren Ade – the essential film director in Germany of nowadays

April 20: Kids movies in Germany

April 6: THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI – a film that changed the history of filmmaking

April 20: Kids movies in Germany

March 22: Bruno Ganz: Angel from WINGS OF DESIRE, dictator from DOWNFALL

March 9: We Children from Bahnhof Zoo - book, film, series

February 23: German actresses and actors in American films and series

February 9: Berlinale - democratic, scandalous, political