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Connie Walther studied Sociology and Spanish before switching over to Photography. After gathering experience as a lighting gaffer and production and directing assistant, she studied at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin and landed her first success with her graduation film Das erste Mal (1996), which was named Best Graduation Film from a German film academy in that year. Since then, she has demonstrated her talents with various genres and formats with films such as: Boersday Blues (short, 1992), Der Clown II (TV, 1997), Tic Tac Toe (TV documentary, 1998), Hauptsache Leben (1998), Offene Rechnung (TV, 1999), Never Mind the Wall (Wie Feuer und Flamme, 2001), Im falschen Leben (TV, 2001), Und Tschuess, ihr lieben (TV, 2002), Ei in Japan (documentary, 2005), Mord in aller Unschuld (TV, 2006), 12 Means: I Love You (TV, 2007), and Long Shadows (Schattenwelt, 2008).