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Filippos Tsitos was born in Athens/Greece in 1966. He studied Marketing in Athens and worked at the same time as a photographer, director's assistant, editor for music documentaries and
producer for a radio program. Since 1991, he has been living in Berlin, where he studied Film Directing at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) under Nikita Michalkow, Dominik Graf, Jirí Menzel, Peter Lilienthal, Don Bohlinger, Dick Ross and Richard Leacock. His films include: the shorts Prélude (1992), Der Hut meines Vaters (1993), Parlez-moi d'amour, Komm' gleich wieder (1995), Charleston (1996), Zeit fliegt (1996), Griechische Spezialitaeten (1998), and My Sweet Home (2000).