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Michael Trabitzsch was born in 1954 in Neumuenster and studied German Literature, Philosophy and Sociology in Goettingen and Berlin. He has worked as a freelance journalist and author for radio-features, documentaries, books and periodicals. From 1987-1991, he worked as an assistant director and assistant producer for Harun Farocki. In 1992, he founded Prounen Film in Berlin. His films include: A Quiet Rebel. The Sculptor Wieland Foerster (short, 1992), District of the Refugees. A Journey into Jewish Paris (1993), Defenseless Hero. The Sculptor Werner Stoetzer (1995), The Eisenfeld Family. A Chronicle (1995), The Stones Still Speak (1996), From Thessaloniki to Berlin via Auschwitz (1998), The Marble Road (2001), and Draw Til You Drop - The Painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Zeichnen bis zur Raserei - Der Maler Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 2001).