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Franziska Stünkel was born in 1973 in Goettingen. She took film classes at Hanover Polytechnic and did further training with Wojciech Marczewski and Mogens Rukov (”Script 2000” and ”Talents 2003” organized by the Nordmedia script & development lab). In 1998 Cita-Filmproduktion was founded which led to her short films participating in over 80 festivals in 21 countries and winning international festival awards. She has received numerous scholarships for up-and-coming young filmmakers, including the VGF Scholarship awarded by the Bavarian Film Center and the Film Promotion Scholarship awarded by the State of Lower Saxony. Her work includes Make a Wish (short,2001), Small World (short, 2002), and her feature debut Vineta - The Secret Project (2006).