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Roger Spottiswoode , the son of the film theorist Raymond Spottiswoode, entered the film industry at the age of 19 as an assistant editor. In 1971, Daniel Melnick gave him his first job as chief editor on the film Straw Dogs. This was the beginning of an impressive collaboration with the director Sam Peckinpah, which continued with The Getaway and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. At the end of the 1970s, he moved from editing into direction, making the Canadian thriller Terror Train (1979), which was memorable for with particularly elaborate camerawork. Shortly afterwards, he tried his hand at another genre in Under Fire (1982). Ten years later, he set himself a new challenge with And The Band Played On (1992), the first major documentary-style feature film about AIDS. He shot Mesmer at the Babelsberg studios in autumn 1993. His other films include: The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981), The Best of Times (1986), Shoot To Kill (1988), Turner and Hooch (1989), Air America (1990), and Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot (1992).