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Rolf Schübel was born in Stuttgart in 1942. He studied Literature and Sociology in Tuebingen and Hamburg and has been making films since 1968. A selection of his films includes: Red Flags Can Be Seen Better (Rote Fahnen sieht man besser, documentary, 1971), Obituary for a Beast (Nachruf auf eine Bestie, documentary, 1983), The Red Indian (Der Indianer, documentary, 1987), The Homesickness of Walerjan Wrobel (Das Heimweh des Walerjan Wrobel, 1989), Mortal Enemies - Dying and Survival in Stalingrad (Todfeinde - Vom Sterben und Ueberleben in Stalingrad, documentary, 1993), 2 1/2 Minutes (TV, 1997), Gloomy Sunday (Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod, 1999) and Blueprint (2003), among others.