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Stefan Schneider Stefan Schneider was born in 1960 in Duesseldorf and trained as an actor and dancer in Cologne, London and Paris. From 1982-1991, he worked with various contemporary dance companies and in 1990 began working as an author and director. A selection of his films includes: Gendarmes (short, 1990),the award-winning Public Effort (short, 1992), The Bronia-Principle (short, 1993), the video installation Surveillance (1994), the award-winning Time of Harvest (Erntezeit, 1997), San Francisco - California's Dream of Freedom (San Francisco - Kaliforniens Traum von Freiheit , documentary, 2000), In the Garden of Death (Im Garten des Todes , documentary, 2001), Paris, City of Love (Paris, die Stadt der Liebe, documentary, 2002), Storm over Europe: The Wandering Tribes (2002), The Face Recovered (Das wiederentdeckte Gesicht, documentary, 2002), Ecuador and the Islands of the Galapagos (documentary, 2002), Hunting for Unknown Lifeforms (Auf der Jagd nach unbekannten Lebewesen, documentary, 2003), Germany – A Paradise for Murderer? (Deutschland – ein Paradies für Moerder?, documentary, 2003), The DNA Trap - A Deadsure Thing? (Die DNA-Falle - eine todsichere Sache?, documentary, 2003), Hawaii – Through the World of Fire, (Hawaii – durch die Welt des Feuers, documentary, 2003), and A Matter of Life and Death (documentary, 2003), among others.