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Erik Schmitt was born in 1980 in Mainz. He studied Communications in Munich, Melbourne and Berlin. After extensive travels around the world and his first cinematographic work experience, he founded Kamerapferd together with Stephan Müller. His films include: HOW TO FLY HIGH (NICHT NUR DER HIMMEL IST BLAU, short, 2009), SOLARTAXI - AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE SUN (doc, 2010), NOW FOLLOWS (NUN SEHEN SIE FOLGENDES, short, 2010), MY MIND WANDERS (ICH SCHWEIFE AB, short, 2012), RHINO FULL THROTTLE (NASHORN IM GALOPP, short, 2013), TELEKOMMANDO (short, 2014), FOREVER (short, 2014), and his feature debut CLEO - IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME (2019).