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Thilo Graf Rothkirch was born in 1948 and died in 2014. He studied Graphics Design in Kassel from 1969-1974. He worked from 1974-1979 as a graphics designer, storyboard artist, background artist, cartoonist, author and director in London and Bonn. He also lectured in Animation at higher education institutions in Kassel and Dortmund and became a producer in 1980. His credits as director include the Tobias Totz shorts for television (1988, 1994-1996), and the feature-length animation films Tobias Totz and His Lion (Tobias Totz und sein Loewe, 1997-1999) and The Little Polar Bear (Der kleine Eisbaer, 1999-2001). His production of shorts in the The Little Polar Bear 1993/94 series won prizes at the Golden Sparrow children's film and television festival in Gera and at the New York Film Festival.