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Marcus O. Rosenmüller was born in 1963 in Duisburg and studied Communications in Munich from 1983-1988. In 1983 he co-founded König & Rosenmüller Filmproduktion and in 1991 co-founded Me, Myself & Eye (MME) Film-und TV-Produktion. In addition to directing advertisements for companies such as Diners Club, Microsoft and Philip Morris, he has also directed some 120 music videos as well as numerous TV programs and TV program lead-ins. Among the prizes and awards he has received are the International Visual Music Award at MIDEM in 1992 and the International Television Association Award in Silver for the lead-in to Heike Makatsch's DIE SHOW in 1998. His other films include: DER TOTE TAUCHER IM WALD (1999), SPERLING UND DER STUMME SCHREI (TV, 2002), DIE MANDANTIN (TV, 2004), EINSATZ IN HAMBURG: TÖDLICHES SPIEL (TV, 2008), BIS AN DIE GRENZE (TV, 2008), HEISSE SPUR (TV, 2008), GOTTES MÄCHTIGE DIENERIN (TV 2-parter, 2009), DIE MINENSUCHERIN (TV, 2010), DIE FLUT (TV, 2010), and WUNDERKINDER (2011).