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Edgar Reitz was born in 1932 in Morbach and earned degrees Theater and Art History. He was a member of the Oberhausen Group in 1962 and, together with filmmaker Alexander Kluge, co-founder of the Institute for Film in 1963 at the Ulm Academy of Design. A selection of his numerous and highly-acclaimed films includes: MAHLZEITEN (1966), DIE REISE NACH WIEN (1973), DIE STUNDE NULL (1976), DER SCHNEIDER VON ULM (1978), HEIMAT (1982-1984), DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT (1985-1992), DIE NACHT DER REGISSEURE (1994), HEIMAT 3 (2004), HEIMAT - FRAGMENTE (2006), and DIE ANDERE HEIMAT (2013), among others.