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Werner Nekes was born in Erfurt in 1944 and has made some 100 films since 1965. He has held professorships in Film and Media Art in Hamburg, Offenbach, Wuppertal and Cologne and has brought together one of the most important private collections on the beginnings and early history of cinema. He has received numerous national and international honors for his films, which include: juem-juem (1967), Kelek (1968), T-WO-MEN (1972), Makimono (1974), Amalgam I-IV (1974), Lagado (1977), Mirador (1978), Hurrican (1979), Beuys (1981), Uliisses (1982), Film Before Film (Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bildern?, 1986), MEDIA MAGICA II-VI (1996), and The Day of the Painter (Der Tag des Malers, 1997).